Tuesday, February 28, 2017

November 2016

Had the annual craft show with anjuli and kelly. Amber and I set up our vintage christmas booth and then Jen and I sold lipsense! It was the first time I had done a lip booth and we were slammed!! We sold over $2000! The 2 day show was a HUGE success. Heather brought the kids over to say hi and it was a fun treat to take a break and visit with those kiddos.

My parents came over to visit and my Dad and I had the same shirt on!  I get my LOVE of Johnny Cash from him.  It was so cute to see our eyes light up that we were twinners!
Francie and I had our annual Ornament exchange lunch.  I love this tradition!  We went to Lazy Dogs and the food was awesome but the company was even better!  And of course, we both LOVED our
ornaments.  I gave her a little gymnast on a balance beam that said F&J Studios and she gave me the cutest little red house that lights up!  Can't wait to add it to my collection!

Did another LVAC photo shoot with the gang.  I love working with them so much!  And Omie's talent is amazing!  The finished magazine covers are always amazing!  Love this crew!  Here are just a couple behind the scenes.

I love to match all my wrapping paper for Christmas.  I know, crazy!
But it's my thing.  This year, I got rose gold and white polka dots and a shimmer white one with rose gold and teal Christmas words.  I LOVED IT!
I started selling lipsense and it has been a huge blessing!  People are loving it!
I wish I had more time to dedicate to it, but I hope to soon!  This is my new favorite color
called Fleur de Lisa.  Fun soft pink.
Stopped by and got to see the crazy twins!  Well, Tater is hiding under that laundry basket but I just can't believe how stinkin big they are getting!
I ran to the store to buy some wood floor cleaner and they were out of what I needed.  So, I took a chance on a new one and I have never seen my floor look so shiny and new!  I love the way it looks!
Mackenzie Floyd won a raffle ticket at the Brinkerhoff party for a free Jen Rose makeover.
So, I did her makeup and she loved it!  She said she slept in it that night for school the next day!

Another year at the Latin Grammy's working with Tamara and Rafa.  They are always so sweet.  They are like family!  We even did our first mannequin challenge on the red carpet.  So fun! They interviewed Pharrell and he was so gracious and kind to all of our Turner crew.

Lizz Varner and I are gave Kayla her bridal shower and it was the funnest shower I have ever been involved with.  And kayla was so happy......that was what mattered most.  We did a circus theme.  "Marriage is like a circus". Everyone had to come dressed up like someone from the circus.  And everyone did!  It was awesome!  We played a ton of games.  You could win tickets and buy awesome gifts!  Brittany Harper Petersen made glasses as gifts for everyone who came.  We had a popcorn machine, glass coke bottles, cotton candy machine, a nacho bar, hot dogs, corn on the cob, candy, and hot prezels!  Seriously.....so fun!!!!

The day after the shower, I hopped on a private plane with Bryce Harper and Kayla to fly to LA for the American Music Awards.  Bryce was presenting an award and they were walking the red carpet as well.  It was such a fun experience!  First time on a private plane.  We made it just in enough time to get Kayla ready and for the red carpet!  It was so much fun!  When the show started, I laid down and took a little nap, ordered room service and relaxed.  Then the car was there to pick us up and fly us back home!  Fast trip but so worth it.

Happy Thanksgiving!  It came so quick!  We had such a great dinner at my parents with Robin and Tony, Drew, Heather and their kids, and myself. And of course, my mom and dad.  We ate, napped, ate some more and had a lot of fun visiting.  Dave and Hayley came by later in the evening and we planned our little black Friday shopping night.  The best part of the day was when Dave asked Holden if he wanted to take out the trash.  HE LOVES TRASH.  He was so excited and proud that he tried to do it himself.  It's the funniest thing with that kid.  We all met at the Outlet malls off Warm Springs and it was a lot of fun.  I bought mainly for myself but picked up a few other little gifts too.  Some of the group left early but Brittney, Dave, Hayley, Paige and I stayed for a few hours longer.  Then went to Target and Big Lots.  Britt got SO many Christmas presents.  She always does!  Perfect night!

This was the picture I picked from having Sara take pictures for my annual Christmas card. The day we went was cold and windy!  So, getting one where my hair wasn't blowing was impossible.  I loved a lot of them, but I ultimately went with this!