Monday, April 16, 2007

MY 100 things

1. I grind my teeth at night 2. I have insomnia 3. I'm crazy about my nieces and nephews 4. I love the colors: chocolate, lime green and blue 5. I love watching basketball 6. I cry when I see old people eat alone 7. I can't get enough shoes 8. I'm a freak about flossing my teeth 9. I love going to concerts with friends 10. I own a wedding business called Eye Do 11. I have a jacket and handbag fettish 12. I love getting pedicures 13. I'm scared of the eye doctor 14. I hate clowns 15. I drive ALOT in my car 16. I can't live without chapstick 17. I love Diet Coke, with ice, a lime and a straw 18. I love taking naps 19. I hate doing laundry 20. I like head massages 21. I'm really close with my family 22. I'm independent 23. I HATE milk! 24. I love hearing new stories about Tanner's clothing issues 25. I think my sister is the kindest person 26. I think Jack Black is hillarious 27. I never miss Grey's Anatomy 28. My favorite jeans are Sevens & Lucky's 29. I wear glasses at night 30. I hate being on a time schedule 31. I love walking on the beach 32. I love spending time with my friend Jen. She is the closest thing to perfect. 33. I hate it when snoring keeps me up 34. I love to clean but love it more when someone else does it 35. I love food and LOVE friends who eat like me 36. I'm the baby in my family 37. I sometimes get migraines 38. I've never had a speeding ticket 39. There is probably not one color that isn't used somewhere in my house 40. My friend Susie IS funnier than Ellen. I love hangin out! 41. I hate financial stress 42. I love the smell of fig 43. I'm totally crazy for PUMA's 44. I love taking hot baths 45. I absolutely love to dance! 46. I love jewelry 47. I love Burberry London perfume 48. I can't use eye drops....I freak out! 49. I love visiting old people 50. I'm scared of bugs 51. I'm a flip flop freak 52. I have no tattoos 53. I love Diesel watches and shoes 54. I'm a daddy's girl 55. I have to have nice sheets on my bed 56. I talk to Amber at least 20x a day 57. Christmas is my favorite holiday 58. I like to play racquetball but rarely do 59. Both of my grandpas died within 9 months of each other 60. I love watermelon 61. I'm allergic to penicillin 62. My brother Dave has the best personality. (and the cutest damn kids) 63. I volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club doing makeup for homeless children 64. I love black and white photography 65. I absolutely crave the RAIN 66. I like to ski but suck at snowboarding 67. I collect Fiesta ware dishes 68. I have an obsession with ranch dressing 69. I think it's nice to be important but WAY more important to be nice 70. I like to jog 71. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my eyebrows 72. I'm always up to a road trip 73. The best experience I've ever had was watching Amber give birth 74. I've never worn braces 75. I played piano for 12 years 76. I love to decorate 77. I totally believe that it is good for your soul to invest in something you can't control 78. Did I say I love to SHOP??????? 79. I love the movie Serendipity 80. But probably love Wedding Crashers more 81. I love to cook but hate doing it just for me 82. I hate sad movies 83. I can't stand cigarette smoke 84. I love love love sushi! 85. I'm always burning candles in my house 86. I had my appendix out 87. I hate cats....they're sneaky 88. My favorite vacation spot is MAUI 89. I'm a total list maker (so is Amber) 90. I love laughing with Amber. She really gets me. 91. I love to people watch 92. I love having a hair appointment 93. I always forget to check my mail 94. I can't live without DVR 95. I love the idea of a little black dress 96. I love my career. I never knew makeup could be one. 97. My mom is my hero. Unbelievably amazing. 98. I love reading a good book 99. I love life 100. I am SO inspired by creative souls