Thursday, January 29, 2009

I can't sleep....

so I think it's time to update. I haven't been able to for almost the past week. For those of you who don't know...I was diagnosed with shingles. No fun. I am so blessed to have so many friends and family who love and care about me. I have to say THANKS with all my heart to everyone. I wouldn't have been able to get through this extremely hard time without you all. I know there's probably still a long road ahead but I have been so grateful for: Amber - for taking me to urgent care, dropping off all my prescriptions, grocery shopping for me, my favorite homemade cookies, and always calling to check on me. Also, letting me cry on the phone without getting annoyed. :) and making doctors phone calls. You are a lifesaver. Jen Stewart - for homemade dinners, doing my laundry, beautiful flowers, all kinds of yummy treats, washing my hair in the sink....oh how I needed that, all your visits and phone calls. It all helped me feel so much better. Not making me feel like I have to always be positive. Even when I'm in pain. Last but not Sonic drinks. Hayley - for the homemade soup, ice cream bars, the medicine to help me feel better, the oatmeal for oatmeal baths, and for rubbing the vinegar on my blisters. You are so sweet. Dave and Drew - for rushing right over and giving me a blessing. I love you both for that. Robin - for coming by and bringing all the "meds" to help to sleep and try to get out of pain. It all helped. Thank you for calling everyday and letting me hear your voice. I love you. Jen Sedillo - for the best pot pie ever! And, chocolate cake. :) And, for your visit and all your texts checking on me. Also, the helped taking my mind off the pain. Thank you so much! Annette - for the homemade cinnamon rolls. After this is all over....I will be needing to go on a diet. They were incredible! Susie & Eli - for finding out everything you could on shingles and bringing all the stuff you thought would help. I appreciated that so much! Barbra Jo - for filling in for me on my 2 big jobs this week. My clients were in great hands and I knew I could count on you. And, most mom and dad. Who has spent countless hours with me....letting me cry...letting me sleep....bringing meals in. Rubbing the vinegar all over my blisters. Bringing me magazines. Homemade soup. Medicine. Helping me bathe. Cleaning. Changing my sheets. Laundry. Making me eat even when I don't want to. There is absolutely nothing like parents. I love you guys so incredibly much and am so blessed you are willing to take care of me. Brooke, Paige and Dane - for the homemade get well cards. The girls wrote poems. I have to share..... I'm sorry Jenny that you're so sad That you are sick and I feel bad. You know when I am sad I think of happy things and then I feel glad. Like a car, a star or maybe a chocolate bar. A sun, a home run or how about a hot dog bun? A ball, a car that will roll down the hall, or maybe a nice trip to the mall. Some rings, a king, oh there are so many things! Some candy or maybe you being so cute and dandy! Oooohh, maybe a nice cool job! Or maybe just some corn on the cob! Oh, so many good things I thought of right now... just think of good things now you know how! Feel better. Love, Paige Jenny bug, Jenny bug. I hope you better. I thought of you when I wrote this letter. Flowers that grow, and candy so sweet, or how about a cupcake, oh what a treat! A cricket helps you scrapbook, jewelry that you wear, sewing classes, blogging and talents that you share. Sonic drinks, a friendly wink, a stroll into the park. There's lots of things about you that we all adore. We hope you get better so we can see you some more. I love you. Brooke There are still so many people who have called and helped. Thank you everyone. I hope the next time I blog....the shingles will be DEAD.

Friday, January 16, 2009

i could cook...

or just look cute! Here's my third project! An apron. With no pattern. But, I LOVED the way it turned out. It's exactly what I was invisioning! Thanks Sara for all your input. I was a little nervous to finish it at home....but I did it! I better go to the grocery store. haha

2nd project....

A table runner. I fell in love with this fabric. I was very proud I sewed this today. Along with an apron. I'll have to post pictures tomorrow.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

First 2009 goal down...

Who better to have as a sewing teacher than Sara Cecil? It's been one my new years goals for 2 years now...and I'm finally busting the sewing machine out. Amber and I made our first project! A CRAFT APRON! The picture doesn't really do it justice and I don't have the pockets filled yet...but I am so proud of us!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Out with 2008...

First of all....a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom (December 30th) and Dane (January 8)! I love you both so much! I'm not sure where all of the time went and how I got so behind....but here's a few pictures to recap what's been going on around here! *SNOW...I still can't believe it! I loved it...while it lasted. I could never live in it.
Aurah and Emmy in their nightly stroller run. All bundled up. So freaking cute. Emmy looks a little scared but Aurah is always taking care of her. I love those girls.
Aurah seriously watches TV like this. I think it is the funniest thing ever!
We had a little Christmas party for my grandma Opal at the place where she lives. It was so fun! A lot of food...entertainment and Christmas caroling. It was fun to be with everybody before Christmas. Drew, Heather and Aurah went to Minnesota for Christmas, so I'm glad it worked out for them to come by!
My friend Susie went in for minor surgery right before Christmas. It unfortunately turned into major surgery and we all felt so bad! So, we sent flowers but thought this little candy bar card would cheer her up!
Christmas this year was very good. A little quiet. Different. I was glad to spend time with my parents and be able to see most of my family. Being with those you love is what it's all about. I've finally figured that out. The kids all got so much stuff and it was fun giving all the gifts to the little ones. I love their faces! I must have been SO good...I was spoiled by everyone. So, thank you to all my family and ALL my friends for the great gifts! I still haven't put everything away! I'm SO excited to start using all of my little gadgets! The homemade gifts from the kids were incredible! I cherish those things like crazy.
It's a tradition to go to the Cheesecake Factory with everyone to celebrate my mom's birthday! Not everyone was able to gets harder and harder for everyone to make it but we all had WAY too much to eat and a lot of fun! Emmy loved the little cake with the candle!
New Years was very low key this year but ALOT of fun! Because Susie was just out of the hospital...we thought we would bring dinner and the party to her! We had Lawry's prime rib and played games, had a dance off....I think I came in second to Jenny....and watched some New years coverage on TV. Oh, and peach cobbler. Yum. So, considering the was a blast and a good way to welcome 2009.