Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saw these 3 cuties today

I went to hang out at my mom's today.
Robin and Emmy came too.
We ate pei wei,
painted nails,
and visited.
It was such a good day.
I love my family.I also stopped by Drew and Heather's house
to see these 2 little ones.
Of course aunt jenny brought treats.
I think that's kind of my job.
and hadley crawls.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A day at the office

I got a job working for the History Channel.
I had no idea what was in store.
A quick chat with Amber and I was all filled in.
That was MY day at the office.

Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Weekend

A long weekend.
With not a whole lot of plans. Which was ok with me.
I did however, have a plan to start
Does Monday night at 8 p.m. count?
I think so.
I also went to my first roller derby game.
Christina plays on a team in Arizona.
So, I had to learn all the rules from her.
Those girls were crazy.
I just kept thinking how sore I would be the next day.
I'm so glad we went!
(but i won't be playing anytime soon)
I also went to the Bellagio with Jen's family that were in town.
We watched the fountains.
Looked at the flowers.
And then got LOCKED in the parking garage for 2 hours.
There was some crazy accident that wasn't allowing anyone to exit the parking garage.
So, after walking Annette's kids all the way down to Harmon (at midnight)
so she could pick them up,
we went back to the car
and waited.
until 1 a.m.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Happy Birthday to my dad and to Paige! I love when birthdays come around because that usually means we'll be seeing KIDDOS! Aurah and baby Hadley came by the night of my dads birthday. I asked Aurah where she got that scratch and she said....i believe it's a rash. Um, ok 3 years old. She is super freakin cute though! Baby Hadley LOVES Papa Richie. He could hold her for hours and she is happy and content as long as it's papa. So adorable.

Went to a few Rebel basketball games this week.
UNLV playing San Diego State was such a great game!
Playing Airforce.....not so much.
But, the company was FUN and our seats were awesome!
I love watching basketball. We used to have season tickets when I was growing up.
In the Larry Johnson, Chris Jeter days.
I miss those days!
Took the girls to see Justin Bieber movie.
It was for Paiges birthday.
Robin was supposed to come but she was really sick.
So, it was aunt jenny and 2 girls with bieber fever.
When we left. I had the fever.
I really did.
I'm not even embarrassed to say that I saw the movie again.
(in the same day).
I am SOOOOO excited for my next 2 things.
They were both on my 35 list.
2 now to cross off.
I got my blog book created.
and it's here.
3 full years of blogs.
(i couldn't fit the last 2 so another book is in the process)
It has been so fun looking back at how different everyone looks!
The best thing I've done.
I love it.
And last, but not least.
I bought an iphone.
and more important than that.
a. really. stinkin. cute. case.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Max Brenner style.....

February 2nd, was my birthday. And I figured what better way to celebrate than friends, & chocolate! So, we went to Max Brenner in the Forum Shops. If you haven't better! I had the opportunity to do Max's makeup for the Food Network (which by the way airs this week...check it out. It's called Kid in a Candy Store) but anyways, I LOVED the atmosphere, the food, the chocolate! So fun! Thanks to everyone who could come! I missed those of you who couldn't come....I even handed out party favors! HUGE syringes full of Max's chocolate! I'm still chocolate wasted. I got lots of gifts and pretty things but just being there with my friends and family was the best way to celebrate. So, thanks girls.
they even sang happy birthday and gave me a wish dish with a chocolate truffle.
and when I got home.....a HUGE poster on my garage door from Brooke, Paige, and Dane!
I had a great day! I missed my mom so much though. She had her knee replacement and is doing so good! She's home now from rehab and I can't wait till she can come party with us next time!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy 35.

Stole this idea from my "chosen sister but the real one" jamie 1. make my blog book. for real. 2. declutter my garage 3. visit my family more 4. take more pictures 5. volunteer 6. organize craft closet 7. use my video camera more 8. update my blog more often 9. take a class 10. drink more water; less diet coke. ok just more water. 11. plan a big trip 12. make more jewelry for just be 13. ride my bike more 14. wear my glasses 15. learn a new skill 16. make a new friend 17. cook more 18. make a quilt 19. take a makeup job I normally wouldn't 20. learn something new on my computer 21. buy an iphone 22. hike Kanarra narrows again 23. help mom and dad decorate their new house 24. play tourist in VEGAS 25. learn to love laundry. if that is possible. 26. mail more cards 27. play my guitar 28. don't procrastinate on taxes 29. write in one line a day; everyday 30. complete my Dr. Seuss collection 31. rock a new lipstick 32. discover new music 33. visit grandma in New Mexico 34. be kinder 35. celebrate my life!