Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welcome Baby Greyson Duke Howard to the world

My best friend Amber had her 4th baby boy on December 29, 2009. Her last baby was over 10 all the bets were on. The nurse was the only one who came close. He weighed 7 lbs 10 oz and 20 inches long. Amber did amazing. And, she looks amazing already. Everything went smoothly.....except for the little fact that Brian missed the birth due to a Wendy's food run. Amber says he's in trouble....but I thought Robin Duke and I were great birthing partners! He is such a cute little guy....but definitely will have his work cut out for him once he gets home to Tanner, Carson, and Crew! Thanks again Amber for wanting me there with you. It is the best experience and I wouldn't miss it for the world! Wendy's included!

In loving memory of Opal Pollock Williams

December 20, 2009 was a sad day. We lost my sweet grandmother. My mom lost her mom just days before Christmas and that breaks my heart. I have so many memories of my grandma. We were very close and I cherish every minute we were together. She was a riot. The funniest personality, the most giving lady in the world, the most stylish (her love of shoes!) and most of all her love for the gospel and America. She was so patriotic and wanted red, white and blue flowers on her casket. She was a loving wife, sister, aunt, the best mother (next to mine :) ) , a grandmother to 8, a great grandmother to 13, and a great great grandmother to 2. I can't even explain the emptiness I feel without my cute "CP" as she once called herself. Stands for cute princess. I love you grandma. I cannot wait to see you again! The above picture was taken last year at her birthday party.
The weather in Kanarra was 11 degrees. So, you can imagine how cold the burial was. We had to bundle up as much as we could. My dad gave a beautiful prayer to dedicate the grave and we all got to take a flower from her floral arrangement. I know I will feel sadness for a long time. Those of you who met my grandma knows what I mean. You just couldn't help but love her.

Christmas Day

Well, Christmas day was jam packed full of fun. This year, I did the 12 days of Christmas and played Secret Santa to Dave, Hayley and the kids. It was a blast! Although, there were a few times they almost caught me....I stayed a suprise! So, early Christmas morning, I took my last gift and left them a clue to come find me ( i was hiding)....they were SO shocked! It made my whole Christmas! I love those kids! We then went to my moms for breakfast and gift opening. It has been a tradition since I was little. My mom and dad have 16 stockings to fill for all of us. It's always so fun to have everyone over and enjoy the day. It's always a treat to watch the little kids open presents. I love their excitement in their faces! Makes it all worth it! We had a very nice day. I treasure each holiday with my family. My parents are the best at making sure everyone is taken care of. And, we all were!

Tis the season. The busy season

I LOVE LOVE LOVE decorating for Christmas. I kind of scaled back this year but it felt good. I know it sounds odd...but I wrapped all my presents in black paper with custom tags made by Jamie. And, if anyone wonders who on earth would buy black ornaments, that would be me.
During the craziness of trying to finish Christmas shopping, finish wrapping, attending Christmas parties, and all the other stuff that comes with the holidays....I took a job working on a movie called Red Canvas. It was fun working with Barbra (my makeup buddy) but working in Valley of Fire in the middle of the night, working night shoots OUTSIDE in freezing weather, and not sleeping at all.....wasn't really a great start to Christmas. We finished filming 2 days before Christmas and I was so glad! But, thankful for the work! :)
I also got to attend my little sweet Paige's school Christmas program. She was so precious. She sang a solo (which I will download later) and did such a great job. That girl is so amazing with the sweetest spirit I have ever seen. I love her!'s a Halloween post

Halloween this year was a blast as usual! We went to the annual Findlay Halloween party for food and trick or treating. All the kids were so cute in their costumes. It's always good to get together with family and great friends. I did Aurah's makeup for her Tinkerbell costume and she then "needed" to do Emmy's makeup. My little makeup artist in training!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Super cool craft boutique

It's time again and we are so excited! Just Be will be participating in Behind the Picket Fence Craft Boutique November 18-21st. There are thousands of great things this year! Come check it out!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm addicted

I love Junior Mints. And I love peppermint. Coupling these two together is brilliant.
Thanks Amber.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I thought this was hillarious. Although I would hate to be on Ellen's show. Poor Taylor.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm back. {i think}

So, as if you all haven't heard this phrase before...where does the time go? I'm repeating again. Where the heck does the time go? Here's a few randoms from the last few weeks.
Aurah and Emmy. The highlight of my days. Well, when they decide to wake up on the right side of the bed.
we had so much fun sharing a booth with Sara (aprons)
and Cheryl (corn bags)
A FEW MAKEUP JOBS...when I remember to bust out the camera
Stephanie's wedding
Fashion Show (behind the scenes)
Hosts: Pat Parnell & Wil Christien
LOVE HER. SUCH A SWEETHEART. {wil is a professional wakeboarder} A LITTLE CRAFTY....i guess
red velvet cupcakes. Yummy.
Just a fun little "celebrate" banner
yeah...for all those parties I host. Had to show some mad sewing skills
for little baby pipers outfit.
kidding about the mad skills.
not kidding about cute little piper.
She was so teensy when she was born.
so adorable
didn't really cry. {sorry jodie...i hear she's crying now}
just a little miracle.
such a neat experience for jodie to ask me to come.
thank you.
she's precious.