Monday, April 19, 2010

A workin week....

This week was a little crazy but is work and I'm blessed to have it! I did makeup for the ACM Awards and it was a blast. Met soooo many great people, laughed, ate, and saw some pretty fine faces! I love my job. Hillary with Lady Antebellum cleaned up on those awards! Good job!
This is Liz. The cutest girl ever. She sings back up for Taylor Swift. Who also is the cutest girl ever...Liz was so cute about her lips. She loved the way I did them. So, I gave her the lipgloss. You would have thought I gave her 200 dollars. She was adorable! Liz....I hope you look like a golden goddess with that gloss! And you totally rocked the stage!
This is Rhapsody. So sweet. She was performing last night with Laura Bell Bundy. What a hot little number they had. And, Rhapsody did an awesome job dancing!Now, this would be LL Cool J. {ladies love cool james} This is right before he had to go and introduce Taylor Swift to perform. I love him. always have.'s Danny Gokey from American Idol. What a little cutie.
I had some good friends come into town during this crazy week but I'm so glad we got to hang out for a bit....even though I'm prrrrreeeeeeeety sure intoxication was the word of the night for some of them. It's ok Paula. I still love ya!
This is Song and I. We worked a Cici's Pizza commerical together. Sounds pretty fun right?
Well, try9 p.m. - 7 a.m. {all nighters suck} with no air at one point. Pizza that had to keep getting sprayed with hairspray to make them look hot and right out of the oven.....we were just tired, hot, and needed to sleep. But, anyways, I love working with Song. We laugh so much and eat...haha! I love ya Song!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Well, I'm back from Mexico. 2.5 pounds heavier. Less than I was thinking.
Because we were in a feeding frenzy!
But, there were many lessons learned.
Vacationing with my dad is easy.
He's just so easy going.
I even got him to parasail with me!
The pool area was amazing.
However, the ADULT pool area was more my style.
Shopping on the ship is fun!
Green apples help with seasickness.
I should listen harder to instructions.
Notice the parasailer almost crashing into a building.
That would be me.
It's ok to have one dessert with every single meal.
It's probably not a good idea to have more than one.
Don't let your brother talk you into going into a cage with monkeys.
Just offer to take a picture of him with a snake.
Don't let 18 years of marriage fool you.
These two were like little school kids in love.
I LOVED all the people I traveled with. It was a blast!
And, I loved that my roomie "susie" didn't mind when I wanted to take
a nap. ok. everyday.
Traveling with your parents is so FUN!
Well, at least mine are.
The ship is unbelievable BIG.
You could get lost.
I finally think I learned my lesson with sunblock.
I applied spf 50 and came home barely burned!
When traveling with my brother, it's like we were 10 years old again.
Probably annoying for our other cruisers, but we had a blast!
Figured out I don't particularly LOVE looking over the ship to the water.
Got a little freaked out.
Realized my mom is an animal! She was a party animal!
Loved karaoke. Chatted with everyone.
Made the trip so great!
Spending $48.30 for a Diet Coke card was well worth every penny!
I had an amazing time and about 300 more pictures!
I promise to NOT post 300 more pictures
but I will post some highlights.
Glad to be back!