Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry christmas!

Sister Wives

Got to work with the Sister Wives and their husband Cody.
All in all things went great.  Brought my sister to help with hair styling,
You know Cody DOES have a hairstyle that he loves.  We abided.
We met at Mery's house early in the morning and spent time getting Mery, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn ready before Cody got there.  We had fun chatting about their kids and Christmas and all that idle chit chat stuff.  But, before the end of the shoot, Christine and I became tight friends.  We even text messaged each other.  Ha!  She is the sweetest one I think!  I really like her and can see us being friends.  Just not sister wives.  :)  I'll repost when the photoshoot pictures are out!  Fun Times!

Latin Grammy's and Nascar Awards

November and December are CRAZY busy in the Vegas Entertainment World.
I always know I'll be graced with Latin Grammy's, Nascar, Country Music Awards, and Rodeo related photo shoots.  This year was no different!  I didn't take many pictures but I did get a few. 

Latin Grammy's were so fun this year.  2 days spent with 3 of my favorite hair/makeup artists and working directly with 7-up team.  So, the dresses were made from soda cans, lashes were to be LARGE, GREEN and FEATHER-LIKE.  Awesome!  The hair looked amazing for the Carlos Santana video.  It all turned out great!  So glad to be a part of such a great event.


I also LOVE LOVE LOVE working for the Nascar folk every December.
I always get to meet lots of people (who I never know exactly their fame).
I'm getting better on "doing my research".
I get to work with my friend Susan.  She's so sweet and so fun!  2 redheads should ALWAYS work together I think.  It should be a law or something.  :)
Kid Rock was the performer.  He seemed pretty nice but quiet for some reason.  Maybe he was getting in the "mood" for his performance.  I also got to work with Krista Voda.  She hosted the show and did a great job!  And, she's beautiful so it made my job extra easy. 
Then, I was lucky enough to work with Tony Stewart.  THE WINNER of the whole shebang.
And, he won about 6 million I think.....he began to look really really HOT.  Cause he's single too. Just kidding.  (kind of). 


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A little christmas around here....

Makes me so happy.
Also smiling to blog from my bed on my iphone. Oh technology how i love you.

Made snowglobes. They were so fun. This WILL be a new tradition!

Added a new steinback nutcracker to my collection. Its not pictured but i'll post soon.

Picked out hot pink foil wrapping paper and added some turquoise and white yarn for deco. Love.

Got the twins some sock monkeys with their gifts. Loved looking at them so much so i decided to leave them on the outside!

Love my tree at night. I could just stare at all the sparkly lights. Makes me one happy girl.

And my mantel is my fun crazy over the top christmas decorations. Soon, my red trees will be filled with all my christmas cards from loved ones.

{love} holidays.