Saturday, March 29, 2008

new york 2008

I love New york!
Amber and I just got home from New York and we had the best time! We were so lucky to have an apartment all to ourselves....thanks to Kristen and Bob! And, so my style!

We went to Serendipity! That has always been my favorite movie and I was so excited to try the famous "Frozen Hot Chocolate". Oh so yummy!
We went to the Central Park zoo. It was so awesome! We saw penguins, monkeys, pandas and these huge polar bears. They slept the whole time though!

This is the ferry ride to Statten Island.

I LOVE lady liberty. We took a walking audio tour and learned so much about her. She is so big! Her eyes are 4 feet wide. It was so awesome to see in person!

All I can is the subway is C - R - A - Z - Y For example...this midget michael jackson dancing to beat it.

The weather was out of control. Totally in the 40's. We were always bundled up in coats, scarfs, hats and gloves. It wasn't that bad because we stayed warm from walking absolutely all the time!

Except for the subway. Good thing we got an unlimited week pass because we messed up alot. We had to ride that thing back and forth until we got it right. And, getting it right was about day 8.

The world trade center was so amazing. It was such a crazy feeling to actually see where the towers were and still see crazy amounts of construction. Hearing personal stories and seeing actual pictures were unreal. I cried. It was such a cool experience.

We got to go the top of the Rockafeller Center observation deck. I still cannot believe the view that we saw. Hundreds of buildings....all so unique and beautiful.

We also, shopped ALOT. Ate some really good food. Saw Wicked and Legally Blonde. Took a carriage ride through central park. Watched the ice skaters. Went to Canal street and bargained for many many purses :)

Walked around villages, went to Cupcake Cafe and Magnolia Bakery. Both with lines out the door. Walked around 5th ave and Soho. Went to Times Square. Ordered delivery. Got a manicure and a mini chair massage. (by someone who wasn't a massage therapist. Just an asian lady with good arm strength).

Had candied covered cashews. Ate pizza for Easter dinner. Read 3 books. Saw the temple. Tried to figure out why no fountain diet cokes were good at all. Had homemade scones at Alice's Tea cup. Got sweated by a lady singing on the subway. Got lots of sleep.

And, dropped my cell phone in the bath tub.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where have I been hiding?

Well, since the last time I posted ..... my life has been C R A Z Y!

-went to my niece Paiges baptism...she is so precious.
-finished reading Twilight. Am I the only one that wasn't completely crazy about this book?
I think I was reading into vampires too much. I won't be reading New Moon right away.
I did buy 4 new books and am 1/2 way through another one which I am loving!
-Amber had a birthday! I was sad I had to work that day. Probably because it was an extremely ghetto job but pretty good money. I did get to see her that night for a bit. Hope you had a great day!
-Getting ready for a HUGE bridal show at Dragon Ridge Country Club. Trying to assemble 250 gifts for upscale brides from my company Eye Do.
-Had a little hospital scare with my niece Brittney. False labor but I was there with her until the end. So, we went to On the Border for Mexican food. It was really good.
-Missed my cousins Brooke's wedding because being in the hospital. Although I did get to do her makeup before I left so it all worked out. She looked so beautiful in her dress. I'll post that later.
-I started a diet. Lost 3 pounds so far.
-Gave my mom and Hayley a manicure and pedicure before they left on their 7 day cruise. I miss talking to my parents everyday. I hope they are having a blast!
-Visited my new favorite store in Town Square called FRUITS & PASSIONS. I am seriously addicted.
-Made a New York packing list. We leave in 8 days.
-Started walking everyday. It feels so good but if I go at night, I have trouble sleeping. I'll have to rethink that decision.
-Went grocery shopping with my friend Jen. I had a $50.00 gift card to Trader Joes. We got stocked up on some really good food.
-Totally dreading and dragging my feet to get my taxes done and taken to my accountant before I leave for New York. Is that really going to happen?
-Got in for a haircut and some new highlights. I love it! Had to make sure I did that now cause when the baby comes, my stylist might be laid up for awhile!
-Getting ready for a commercial tomorrow. Dreading the long day already.
-excited to find out which celebrity I'll be working with all day Thursday for a film junket.
-Got to see my sweet Aurah. We played peek a boo.
-got to check out Brittneys new nursery. So excited about all the cute shoes the little girls gonna have!

Just a few random pictures from these crazy last few days.
Sorry I haven't commented on blogs lately but I am reading them and keeping myself informed on everyone!

-so tired. Going to bed.