Wednesday, August 15, 2012


My spontaneous friend Susie and I booked an Alaskan cruise 11 days before going.
Yes....less than 2 weeks!  We had a blast! 
(sorry for the picture overload but it's for family)
X out now if it's too much for you to handle.

I'm not sure why I was so chipper at 5 am.  Airport food?  No.

 I looked over and Susie was sleeping on the plane like a member of Heavens Gate.  It freaked me out! But, she's a total germ a phobe so I get the not wanting to come in contact with any.

This was the beginning of our 4 hour drive to the port.  We flew into Anchorage, but the ship left from Seward.  Longest. Drive. Ever.
The scenery on the way to the ship was so beautiful!  We saw lots of animals, beautiful water, and so much green.

When we made it to the ship....I was freezing!  I couldn't wait to get my luggage and bust out my coat!

I loved how all the lounge chairs and pool deck chairs came with heated blankets.  Never been on such a crazy trip!  We were used to Caribbean.  Totally fun though!

All the pools and jacuzzis were heated at all times.  I jumped in those bad boys all the time to warm up!

I asked Susie if it was ok to go out like this!  No makeup and bad crazy hair.  She got up and dressed and said "I'll go get you a drink.  You stay here. " Got the hint.  

The first day out was really cold - but I think our desert bones were still adjusting.

Susie even had to buy an extra fleece jacket on the ship!  
I tried to warn her!

My most favorite part of the whole trip!!  GLACIERS!  Look at these massive beauties.  I could just stare at them all day.  It was quiet, and so beautiful.

We met these nice peeps on the boat.  They were really cool.  So, we hung out and admired the glaciers together.  Like total dorks.  

Our first night at dinner was quite interesting.  We met a Russian couple (whom now I love) but took a little bit to get there.  Let's just say he wanted me to take a slurp from his lamb shank bone marrow.  After I threw up in my mouth, I kindly declined.

I loved the city JUNEAU.  It was so cute.  It rained there.  Well, it rained everyday.  What's new?
We did get to go hike around the Mendenhall Glacier and falls.  They were amazing.  Then we met this guy who took us out on his boat whale watching.  It was insane.  We saw SO MANY whales.  Mostly orcas but some humpback ones too.  Pretty sweet.

Oh, and this was the closest thing to a bear I saw.  Sad day.

Then we were off to Skagway.  I went on my first train ride.  Super fun!
We went about 4 hours into the Summit and it was beautiful!  The ride there was amazing, but then I found myself taking a little nap on the way back.  

Not sure who this creepy lady is or why she's looking in my picture.

After the train ride, we hit up the spa.  Steam room sounded so good.  And relaxing.  Maybe my nap wasn't long enough after all.  


Just had to take a picture of this lovely hat.  Who would even buy this?

In Icy Strait point, it rained the entire day.  We were gong to zipline but couldn't because of the weather.  But, we did see 2 baby bald eagles.  And also got to see 2 men carving totem poles for the National Glacier Bay Park.  That work was so cool to check out!

Now on to the most important part of the days. 
DESSERT.  I can't even start to name all the sugar I consumed, but here's a little picture of my chocolate lave cake with hot vanilla sauce and ice cream.
Please and Thank you.

Guess what?  It rained in Ketchikan too!  Who would have thought?  I was cool though because I love rain!  I was having so much fun trottin around in it!  Good times!  We saw the DUMBEST show ever though.  A lumberjack show.  I guess it wasn't that bad but I could think of MANY other things I'd rather be doing.  

If I ever couldn't find Susie, I just had to look at the bar, or casino.  JUST KIDDING!

I loved this one bar that was made mostly out of ice.  It was pretty cool.  I was going to write jennifer in it BUT when it sounded like nails on a chalkboard...I opted for jen.

We loved our waitress and assistant waitress.  Ileana and Yovanna!
They were the best!  And, we ended up loving our Russian friends too!
Overall, it was a GREAT trip!  Then, we went to Vancouver.  I'll post those pictures at a later time!