Sunday, November 30, 2008

A few things I'm thankful for....

*Family. I got to see all of my family at some point during the day on Thanksgiving. It was awesome! *Really good food. *Shopping at midnight at stateline. *Awesome deals. *Winning Phantom tickets with my mom for the girls. *Sleep. *Success at the craft show. *Work. *Old friends. *New friends. *Sonic. *Packages in the mail. *Notes left on my doorstep. *My $130.00 Roxy luggage for $17.00 on black Friday. *Brittney's orange rolls. *Suprise visits from old friends. *Peppermint Hot Chocolate. *My new plasma TV. *Susie finding my lost cell phone. *Just Be. I love us! *The fact that I wrapped Christmas presents already. *That we're all happy and healthy this time of year. *A huge smile from my Emmy. *A cuddle from Aurah. *And many many more things.....
One of my clients, Jill (whom I've done her makeup for years) called me and needed me to do her makeup over the weekend. I assumed it was a photo shoot or a magazine cover. No big deal. So, I get there....and yeah. It was her wedding! She decided to get married since all her family was in town over Thanksgiving. Good thing I came totally prepared. Whew!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

MY version of "THE BOARD" I'm going to give fair warning now that this ISN'T a Sara Cecil board...nor is it a pottery barn board. I'm naming this my jen rose board. Flaws and all. But, I LOVE IT! I love that it has a place for my bills, coupons, 2 dry erase boards, 2 corkboards, 2 magnet boards, calendar etc. But most of all CHARACTER! Thanks to my dad who probably hates this board about now....but I really appreciated his help with cutting and assembling! It's my first step to being organized!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A couple of happy things...

-I got to see Aurah and Emerson today. Need I say more. We went on a walk. The girls love their wagon. Not only is it great being an aunt, but a GREAT aunt is so awesome. I'm so blessed to have all these kiddies in my life!
-I love when I make brides happy. Nothing is more rewarding than watching them look in the mirror and see a smile.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I was an "AUNT HELPER"

I took Dane on a field trip with his class to the fire station. We had so much fun! I was cracking up at these kids for all the crazy things they say. It seriously was entertaining. I made a new little friend Brooke (pictured in the middle) who held my hand the entire time and told me that dead people sleep in "cottons". They were hillarious! After we got back to the school, the teacher said for all the kids to thank the parent helpers. Dane raised his hand and said...also the aunt helpers!! So sweet!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kids on Halloween

Well, Halloween was a success! Because of Hayley's surgery and her incapabilities of moving around at all :( my assignment was to get all the kids costumes ready for the week of festivities. Brittney and I did those kids up right!! They LOVED their costumes and I think everyone was happy! We went to the annual Findlay Halloween party like we always do....and it was a lot of fun! I was too busy running around with the kiddies that I wasn't able to try all the yummy food but I did do alot of snacking throughout the night! It's so much fun to spend time with great friends and family! Thanks to Ed and Linda for being the best friends anyone could ask for!
Wasn't Aurah the cutest little monkey?? I will have to post a picture of Emmy later....I didn't get to see her on Halloween and I was so sad! She was a cute little bumble bee! Hope everyones Halloween was spent with those you love and that it was a great night for all!