Thursday, August 30, 2007


*I was on time to my sisters this morning AFTER getting gas and a coke *I had my teeth cleaned and got 2 new toothbrushes *I had a really good lunch at Applebees with a really good friend *I treated myself to a manicure and a pedicure (totally spontaneous) *AND i did the whole transition nail polish thing. I went dark. I guess like my hair :) *I had a really good Sonic Route 44 Diet Coke with extra ice and a fresh lime wedge *I updated my IPOD with some new music that I have been needing to do forever *I booked 4 new brides for makeup *I stuck to my price for doing makeup at the Video Music Awards and it felt so good to be in charge *I took a nap in my dark cold room with all my phone ringers off *I read blogs and was inspired by Jamie to update *I went to an hour YOGA class with my mom and sister....I love those girls! *I took a hot bath and even shaved my legs with no special occasion *I came up with a great idea for a giveaway on my 100 th post *And, I hope to sleep like a little baby Sorry I haven't updated for awhile. I've been feeling that my life is a little boring and I have nothing to really say. But, thanks for everyone missing me :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Changing Hair

SO, props to Brittney on my new hair style! It seems that everyone loves it. Now Amber and I probably look even more alike! :) We get asked CONSTANTLY if we are sisters. We sometimes play along and just answer yes. It's easier that way.

Jen's 5 Question Challenge

Thanks for tagging me Jen! This was hard.....and I'm kind of cheating because the 5 people I'm tagging - I'm using your same questions! Is that fair? :) 1. If you could have lunch with one person from High School and catch up on each other's lives....who would it be? I'd pick this guy Bill because he broke up with me to date a "much hotter girl". I since found out that he is fat and bald and she left him for a "much hotter guy". That lunch would be OH SO GOOD! 2. If someone handed you a gift card worth 10,000 dollars, what store would you want it to be for and what would you buy? I would probably ask for a $10,000 Visa gift card and then I could shop at multiple stores! But to be fair, I would probably pick a store like RC Willey because I could get new appliances, electronics, flooring, furniture - I'd get it all! 3. What's a current trend that you just don't get? Body piercing. I just don't get how that's cute. 4. You're having a dinner party and you can invite 3 famous people dead or alive. Who would you invite? Tim McGraw....for the obvious. Ellen DeGeneres - because she likes Tim and I wouldn't have to worry about her stealing him AND I think she is hillarious. Tug McGraw - I think that would guarantee my first guest to stay longer. 5. Where's the best place you've been on vacation....and what made it the best? That's a hard one. I love vacationing and for SO many different reasons. I guess right now I'd pick Maui because I got to do alot of things I can't do here. *4 wheeling in the rain forest *swimming with sea turtles *surfing *a 30 mile bike ride - all downhill with some amazing views of the ocean. I do have to say that I love going anywhere SPONTANEOUSLY with friends. Those are the best getaways! OK - NOW I AM TAGGING THESE 5 PEOPLE WITH THE SAME 5 QUESTIONS! Brittney, Amber, Jessica, Eric, Sarah G.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

is this for real?

I've been sick in bed for 3 days and SO needed this for a good laugh. It doesn't quite out do Eric's kangaroo but is this for real?

Monday, August 13, 2007

beach time

Just on our way to Surfin Donuts....we hit that everyday pretty much. Bad bad habit!
Annette, Ellen and Haley eating lunch on the pier
Susie, Dale and I walking the pier and having hot chocolate
Susie's favorite treat.....besides the donuts
Susie, Jake, and Dale after dinner at Selmas......which had the best BBQ chicken salad!

SOOOOOOOOO much fun!

I just got home from a week at the beach and I had so much fun! Susie and I stayed at a hotel and just met all the gang everyday! We had some seriously good meals (I probably gained 20 pounds), we boogie boarded, watched Kevin and Riley surf, shopped, got a pedicure, and hung out at Linda and Ed's beach house (which by the way is AMAZING). The weather was so awesome and it was so nice to have no real plans, wear no makeup, and sleep in everyday. What a vacation.

Just for the record, I wore SO much sunblock everyday and didn't get burned until the very last day while I was outside shopping at the Fiesta in San Clemente. I wore a sundress and the burn lines show it. I am paying for it now. Susie also got stung by a bee at the beach on the very last day. That was our hint that it was time to go! We also met up with Jen and Jack at the beach who are staying for a few days this week. Susie's two cousins Dale and Jake drove down from Sacramento and hung out for a couple of days too! It was like a big family and friend PARTY!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Would you look at this face?

My friend Amber has THE most beautiful skin I have ever seen. It's CRAZY! But what the coolest thing is; she is just as beautiful inside.

Tim and Faith....OH SO GOOD!

I don't even know what to say other than this concert was soooooo good. We had a blast! I probably sang and danced the entire time which I'm sure got on people's nerves but I didn't care. I'm SO glad my mom came too. We all didn't get to sit by each other but I saw her dancing through my binoculars. She is the cutest thing. Thanks girls for a great time! *Tim and Faith are the hottest couple, right?


We had dinner at Geisha before the concert and it was so good! I always eat way too much when I got there but the filet was seriously out of this world. I'm so glad we got to meet up before and do that. It's always fun to chat and laugh! We REALLY missed you Robin and Brooke. For sure, next time!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

So, I'm challenging myself to making a quilt

Isn't this the cutest fabric? I decided to see if I was capable enough to make this quilt. I found the fabric, and the pattern, and I went for it! I probably won't start for a couple of weeks but wish me luck......noticed I picked a pattern where I could make a few mistakes and maybe not be noticeable!

Celebrity Look Alikes

Everyone has got to try this. It's so fun! My layout doesn't fit real well on here but it's fun to see how the face recognition works. Try it!