Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Sydney!

This weekend I went to Sedona, Arizona for a good friend of mines daughter SYDNEY'S birthday! She had the coolest party ever! Her and her friends wore some fancy dresses, had their hair done, their makeup done, their nails done, and a five course meal! Sydney's sister Summer was the chef and did such an incredible job! Here are just a few snapshots from the weekend! CHEF SUMMER....I'm thinking she could have a serious career. She had appetizers, a killer tostada salad, potato cheese soup, fettucine alfredo, and creme puffs for dessert!
We had a little pajama party and watched the Survivor Finale.
Look how stinkin cute this girl is! I let her pick out her makeup colors and this girl has some serious style!
And, couldn't you just eat up this little guy? Ty is Sydney's little brother.

Friday, December 14, 2007

People Magazine

I worked for People Magazine a few weeks ago and it's on stands today. It's an article about "Face Blindness". Has anybody ever heard of this? It's so crazy! People have this brain disorder where they cannot recognize faces. You wouldn't even be able to recognize your own husband or children. I really had disbelief but after spending a couple of days with this family (which 10 people in their family's genetic) I am now addicted to learning more about this disease. You guys will all have to read this's so interesting! To see my name, you'll have to get out your magnifying glass - it's on the side and SO little. But it's cool to have another magazine for my portfolio!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Cards are all done!

My Christmas cards are all done! FINALLY! I still have a few to send but I am so happy to be a little ahead of schedule. Well, for me! I have to say thanks so much to Jen Sedillo for taking some great pictures for me. (even in the rain) and to Jamie Carter for making the most amazing cards! I love them! So, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Work, work and more work

So, this week has been filled with all kinds of crazy jobs. First, I worked on an infomercial for Susan Lucci's Youthful Essence. I used part of the product on my face in the picture below....can you tell? yeah right. Anyways, it was a CRAZY job. I had to do makeup for all of these soap stars from All my Children (i've never seen the show). It was pretty fun but really long hours! Glad it's done....can't wait for the paycheck. This job was from a People Magazine shoot. They were shooting a story on a lady who started an organization in getting free flights for sick children. Very cool. These 2 little girls were adorable. Very hyper and spoiled.....but so cute. I curled their hair and did a little lipgloss. They thought they were in heaven! The issue is supposed to be out in January! SIDE NOTE: The day before the shoot, my agent couldn't find a prop stylist and asked me if there would be any possible way I could do both jobs. All she needed me to do was find a few airplanes for the shoot. I would be making double the money so I said sure. Um, I decided I am so glad I am a makeup artist and NOT a prop stylist. First of all, it was out of control finding the dumb planes and then once I got there, they decided to use ALL of them. Well, the first plane had 52 pieces that I WAS SUPPOSED TO PUT TOGETHER. Needless to say....Jen and my dad worked that day for People too. I am giving the biggest props to both of them. They totally saved me and put together all the planes in time for the shoot! Thank you so much!

Friday night was the Video Game Awards at Mandalay Bay. I had never even heard of such an award show but it was a blast. After I got my nap.....then it got pretty busy. Samuel Jackson was the host. I did makeup for Criss Angel, Dave Navarro, the Foo Fighters, Tony Hawk, Heidi and Spencer from the Hills and a few others. But, this was one of Kid Rocks dancers and I had so much fun doing her makeup. Don't look at me in this picture....I hate standing next to models but I thought her makeup turned out so good! It was a really fun show!

Just stuff

Amber and I have been busy working on a bunch of stuff. We made this hot chocolate with chocolate chips and candy cane pieces. We found the spoons at Crate and Barrell and the jars at IKEA. With a little poem....a perfect little gift for neighbors!

My uncle was in town for the NFR. This usually is the only time I am able to see him during the year. Unfortunately, I was so busy working that I only got to see him at In N Out. My family was eating lunch there so I snuck in for a quick diet coke and a picture!
I am addicted to these eyes! It is simply the best thing in the world to be a great aunt! My niece Brittney is due on April 6th! She just is barely showing now and it is super cute!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

H & M Baby

Why am I addicted to buying baby stuff? Jen and I went shopping at the new Town Square this weekend. It was raining so we didn't venture out to too many stores but I did have to go to H & M. I am so excited they finally have one here so I don't have to travel out of state for clothes. Anyways, we bought Aurah this hat and baby scarf. SO ADORABLE. Drew made fun of me because he said it's not like it snows here. I don't care though. She was cold and it was so stinkin cute.