Monday, July 12, 2010

2 weeks of alot

When am I going to learn that white girls don't tan? Went to San Clemente California for a little beach time and sunshine. Well, didn't quite turn out that way. It rained, never really saw sunshine and it never went above 64 degrees! It felt great though. We still played, had great fun and food with friends and family, and slept REALLY good! Ed and Linda Findlay & Susie
ok. So pinkberry has a new flavor. YUM.
Topped with fresh watermelon
It was heaven.
Got to go visit Stacy who lives in Hermosa Beach.
We walked the beach.
Ate really good food.
Laughed. and Laughed.
Have you ever been to Simi Valley, California? It was so beautiful! I got to see the Ronald Reagan Presidential Museum which was really cool! So glad we did it!
Took a drive to Lake Elsinore from San Clemente. Thought it would be closer....all of a sudden I'm driving through a National Forest. It was unbelievably beautiful! But it took about 1 1/2 hours. And, I'm not gonna lie....I was trying to make it to the Pottery Barn Outlet.
THE 4th of JULY
The 4th of July is always a HUGE deal to our family. We are such a patriotic family and love to celebrate this holiday! Every year, we celebrate in Kanarraville, UT (where my mom grew up) and where my parents are now building a home. It is SO much fun! It's such a small town with a HUGE heart. Our family participated in the parade again this year. Our theme was surf in the USA. We had a blast putting that together. Sorry I don't have any pictures of the completed one, but it was adorable. We had "surfin the usa" playing so loud on our float. The kids were throwing out salt water taffy and beach balls. Brooke and Paige made up a dance that got everyone in on the moves! SO fun! We didn't win....(we think it's rigged) but we're glad we did it anyway! There always is a program after the parade. I always cry. It's always so good. My mom does a tribute to the armed forces with music and everyone's so beautiful. This year was bitter sweet because a few weeks ago, my moms cousin passed away unexpectedly from leukemia. He was always a big part of the 4th of July. Kanarra definitely won't be the same without Bud!
I {heart} these 2
Sharing a room with these 2 cuties. I love Greyson to death! All 24 pounds of him! I love that we had a sleeping machine in our room. I loved the basement. I loved that Amber feels like family.
Kanarra Narrows Hike
This new tradition of ours is the BEST! Since we all come to Utah to celebrate the 4th of July, we always come a day early to hike. It's beautiful, it's wet, it's fun, it's memories! This time we were so excited that Kim Duke came to join in the fun! She's an animal!
Went to see Cinderella at the Summerlin Library! A total girls family affair. We sat on the second row. My mom, Robin, me, Heather, Aurah, Brittney, Emmy, Hayley, Brooke and Paige. The best part was seeing Aurah and Emmy dancing in the aisle. They are so into fairytales. Good times. Thanks mom! Emmy was so excited on the drive. Blowing kisses and everything!
In memory of Bill Behan
My dear sweet friend Jenna's husband passed away June 28th. He has been battling ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) for the past 4 years. Jenna and Billy have 2 sweet girls, Kaelyn and Cassidy. I love you Jenna and hope you know you're in my thoughts and prayers!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shawn Hlookoff Soldier

Happy 4th of July! Thank you to all the men and women who fight for our freedom!

And I want to thank my wonderful parents who taught me the most amazing gift to be patriotic. I love celebrating America. And especially with family.

Before you watch this video, grab a tissue. :)