Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bobbi Kristina

I had the most amazing opportunity to work with Whitney Houston's family for the Billboard Music Awards.  And honestly...nicest people ever.
I got to spend the entire day in their suite.
Eat lunch with them and chat about Whitney's life.
Something I will never forget.
What I DO want to forget is that I will be on an episode of their new reality TV show called the Houston Chronicles.
I hate that kind of stuff.  I know I sounded ridiculous.
Probably looked even worse and ugh....
Bobbi Kristina was accepting the lifetime achievement award for her mom.  It was a very emotional night.
Lots of people stopping by to share stories of Whitney.
This was also Bobbi's first appearance since her moms passing.
I was very honored to be a part of this and am thankful for the Batterman Group in giving me this opportunity.

The only bummer about these pictures is that she had been crying pretty hard and I had no way of touching her up before these were taken.  So, she looks a little puffed up but considering.....
she looks good.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Weddings in the air....

I have had two friends get married in the past month.
Hadn't done alot of weddings lately...so I was excited.
Kari looked beautiful.  She's so super sweet and I wish her and Jared a lifetime of happiness.
And.....I wish I could blog pictures from her reception but that may be a little nervy...it was SO stinkin cute.  The decorations were amazing - exactly my style and I loved every single thing!



Now, Heather had a traditional Indian wedding.
Her dress was amazingly beautiful.
The traditions of the ceremony were so cool to learn about.
I even participated in the ceremony.  Was NOT expecting that.
I did get henna drawn all over my hand which was beautiful.
Total fun 4 day event!
Lame that this was my only picture from my camera!
I'll have to bust out my iphone pictures soon!
Congratulations to Heather and Raza!

Happy Fathers Day to the best dad out there

I cannot even express how much I love this man.  He is more than just the perfect dad.  He is one of my best friends.  He teaches me everyday what it is to love and be a great person.  He has a crazy amount of patience which I admire and he seriously....I mean SERIOUSLY can fix and do anything.  I am so blessed to have Richie as my dad!

Happy Fathers Day!

I love you dad!