Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Years and Family


It's finally open! Jen's family opened a KFC/TACO BELL in Sedona, Arizona. We went down for the first official day. All I'm sayin is that if my career as a makeup artist fails, I could always work fast food. :) We got to make our own food....practice with the employees and eat and eat and eat. Ugh! I LOVED the sour cream gun. (you can tell I've never worked fast food). The store was beautiful and I'm wishing them tons of success!

Happy Birthday Mom!

We celebrated my moms birthday at Cheesecake Factory. 14 of us. This is such a FUN tradition! I love my mom so much! She is such an amazing example to me and I am very lucky to have her as my mom and my best friend! Happy Birthday!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Loaded up with gifts!

I think we can pretty much all agree that everyone goes OVERBOARD on Christmas gifts. I love buying gifts for people and then watching them open them. I love that feeling! So fun! Well, we spent Christmas morning at my mom and dads. It is a total tradition to eat macaroni soup for breakfast along with breakfast sandwiches (for those who are wimps). We had the whole crew there. Minus Drew, Heather, Aurah and Hadley. They were visiting Minnesota. :( The day after Christmas.....my house looked like a bomb went off but I reverted back to a kid again and had to play with all my toys. Twisted I know. I got 7 new Dr Seuss books for my collection. And this gumball machine! Are you kidding me? And, it's pink! I love love love.
Check out this oversized fork for my dining room. It already has a home and I love looking at it everyday!
I was in desperate need of a new sleep machine. And, double bonus....ALARM CLOCK.
and I was so excited to get these Bose headphones. So comfortable and such a perfect match for my ipad. Awe.I was in need of a GPS too. Those of you whomever have traveled with me....It's tradition to call my dad at home to look up addresses for me. NO MORE!
And, I am SOOOO excited about this book! A journal that only requires one line a day. Serious? Brilliant. I'm already on page 10. Whoo Hoo!
I got spoiled rotten with a membership to massage heights. Yes, one massage a month for a year. And, I got a heightened membership which means I can add on hot stones or peppermint foot scrub. I need one right now!
I think I need balance in my life. I'm pretty sure that's why my brother got me a power band.
And then the perfect gift for people like me....who love to shop. GIFT CARDS! I scored, Town Square, Anthropologie, Trader Joes, Mastercard gift card, Regal Movies, ITunes, District. It was a great day! The best part was being able to see all the kiddies so excited for their presents! Spending time with my mom and dad. Taking a nap. And getting together with friends!
My moms house at Christmas just makes my heart melt. Its just "HOME". I love her tree. I love how she does stockings for everyone in the entire family and even added Baby A and Baby B stockings for Brittney's twins. Such a cool tradition!
Thank you for the best Christmas! We missed grandma this year but I know she was watching down hoping we'd eat some macaroni for her!!
Thanks to all my friends and family - for all the presents - and all the fun! xoxo