Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.....

I apologize for the picture...I'm not sure what happened. But, I just wanted to let my good friend Summer know how sorry I am for the loss of her dad and my great friend Jerry Page. Summer and I grew up together and I remember all of the fun times Jerry would take us up to the mountains or to the cabin. We always wanted to make homemade play-doh. He always agreed to help. President Page was more than a wonderful husband to Glenda, father to Summer and Justin, a grandparent to 5 grandsons and 1 grand daughter but he was an amazing leader in our church. He loved to serve which he did throughout his entire life. He was such an incredible man and we all will feel this great loss. My good friend and business partner Jenna has been going through a really rough year. Her husband, Bill (36 years old) was diagnosed with Lou Garig's disease. He is completely paralyzed but still keeps hanging on because is scared to leave his 2 little girls. Jenna informed me tonight that Bill is now in ICU with a very bad infection that is making his organs shut down.
I would just ask anyone who reads this blog to please pray for the families and children who need strength at this time. I know the Lord will bless them if we just ask.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Brittney's Baby Shower

Brittney's baby shower was so much fun. A whirlwind....but a lot of fun! I can't believe she's due in about 5 weeks and is still in her regular jeans. She kills me. And, isn't she beautiful? Ok. Glowing mother. :)

This would be the stack of clothes and millions of other things she got. I'm excited cause the little baby got 11 pairs of shoes. Takes right after her aunt. I'm really glad we did the "book" idea. We had everyone bring a children's book to help start Brittney's library. She totally scored. She got SO many cute books!
Everyone knows I had to throw a little piece of Aurah in here. She was so good....even with no nap. As long as she had grandpa Tony close....she was all good.
SO many people helped with putting this shower together. From getting Robins house ready, hanging pictures, cleaning, cooking.....a big Thanks to everyone! Arlene did an AMAZING job with the decorations and food - we were all so blessed she pulled it all together. She made these chocolate covered marshmellows that everyone got to take home.
And, would you take a look at these napkins? She made them. Nobody would use them because they were just too cute!

I'm thinking she needs to go into business!

Monday, February 18, 2008

It's about time to get some organization around here....

So, new years resolutions come and go every year....with many things on my list. I decided to take things slow but try to finish EVERYTHING. I'm a little behind but still chuggin along. I must admit my friend Amber is my biggest inspiration. She is an incredible mom with 3 kids, works full time, keeps a house clean and organized and still has time to serve. I'm just trying to clean my freakin house! So, I bought 3 different shoe racks to organize all my shoes. And that is after giving another 23 pairs away. Addiction I know. But I'm happy it all turned out. I LOVE THE WAY I TURNED ALL MY FLIP FLOPS FOR MORE ROOM! SWEET!

Onto the jewelery. Well, necklaces only. Rings, bracelets.....different day. I bought some different hooks and spaced out a bunch into categories. I love my hook behind my door for my long ones. It makes me feel good to feel a little piece of order!

What's in my makeup bag?

So everyone has been asking me my "favorite" products that I use on myself. If you saw my actual kit....you all would die. But I guess that's how professions go. As for myself, I'm pretty low maintenance simple...and I do change up a bit on things I like, but as for things i LOVE: 1. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
2. Smashbox Photofinish Face Primer
3. Dermologica Skin Smoothing Cream
4. Sonia Kashuk Sable eyebrow color
5. Benefit Magic Potion eye primer
6. Benefit Dallas blush
7. Revelon Colorstay foundtion
8. Bobbi Brown concealer
9. Shu Umera eyelash curler
10. Maybelline Lash Discovery Mascara
11. MAC blot powder
12. MAC Sapiliscious lipgelee
13. MAC engraved black pencil
13. Cargo eyeshow

What's in your makeup bags? Or what products do you love? Please share!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another year older....

and what a FUN day! Amber made an entire day out of spending time with me and it was the best! We shopped all day and it was a blast! Thanks for joining up with us for a bit Sooz! Then we ate dinner at the Venetian and went to the dueling piano bar at New York New York! I could have stayed there all night! We should all go again sometime....anyone interested? :)

Thanks to ALL my friends and family who spent my birthday with me! I had an incredible time!
Also, thanks to everyone who gave countless cards, money, jewelry, clothes, a new camera bag, shoes, gift cards, and everything else. I feel so blessed!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


1. although I don't miss Coca Coca Light. That's right. They don't have diet coke.
2. I miss that crazy crystal clear blue water just about everywhere you look.
3. I totally miss that we had drinks, food, actually anything accessible at our fingertips 24 hours a day! We stayed at an all inclusive resort. AHHHH.
4. I miss Jen....always up for a drink at the bar. Coca Coca Light that is.
5. I miss my brightly colored beach bags....they just don't look right sitting in the desert.
6. I miss not having to wear makeup everyday
7. I miss xcaret. They called it the "mexican Disneyland". The funnest thing.... swimming in the underground caves. AMAZING!
8. I DON'T MISS very large iguanas walking right up to me on the beach. Not at all.
9. I miss seeing that white sand and blue water. And, that Jen looks good in every picture. Not fair.
10. I don't miss the humidity. One day, it was 92% humidity. I always looked sweaty.
11. I miss that after sleeping in everyday, ordering room service...we then could put on shorts and flip flops and step outside to the beach.
12. I miss reading on the beach. I read an entire Nicholas Sparks book and then I finally did it. I started Twilight. Reading on the beach is the best!
13. I miss learning about the history of Tulum. The city was unbelievable and right on the beach.
14. If anyone is going to Mexico - please see Tulum....you will be blown away!
15. I miss this view at our hotel room.
I had the best time! We stayed in Playa Del Carmen and relaxed, got massages, ate, laid on the beach, shopped, etc....... I'll share more pictures later!