Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Look where I'll be.....

staying for the next week! I am so excited. I've never been to Cancun before and I CAN"T WAIT! So, no updates for awhile but I'll be excited to share pictures when I get back!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

just a couple random

things. First, my sweet Aurah. Isn't that face adorable? I love that I can LOVE someone that much. Look what I got in the mail today? My friends Mark and Maryellen got me this bag. I think it is so cute. Love the fabric! Thanks you guys!
I made this today. I LOVE colored pencils for some reason. I don't know why I have an addiction to them. I guess that's the artist in me.

could have been the.....

cough syrup I took earlier in the day for why I am up right now at 1:30 a.m. I started feeling a little better today. Not great. And, I still stayed in bed but was getting a little cooped up. First of all thank you to everyone who commented on my blog, who called, who brought in meals, who made home cooked meals here, who brought slurpees, and who knew I just needed a friend. A BIG thanks to Amber for making me AND taking me to quick care. I probably still would have been miserable. So, everyone....thanks and I love each and every one of you!

After being cooped for many many days, I felt like I needed to do something worthwhile. I sure did set up a little scrap station on my bed and propped my head up on some pillows. I made this cute little recipe box for my friend. Hope she loves it! I even made magnets to hold the recipe index card while you're cooking. I thought it turned out cute. More importantly, it got my mind off being sick for awhile. And, as far as the diet goes....I have been given slurpees, doughnuts, chocolate covered almonds, cinnamon bears, chips and salsa, homemade soups, ice cream, brownies....everything a sick girl needs. So DIET>next week!

Monday, January 7, 2008

i have

Strep Throat 2 ear infections Upper Respiratory Infection Sinus Infection Oral Thrush And have been in bed since last Thursday. That's a good jumpstart on my diet.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First goal down the closet rod almost crashing down did give me a little head start on the closet goal. I got rid of 30 plus pairs of jeans (my sister in law is loving me right now) and I have 2 huge garbage bags full of shirts and skirts. I also got rid of over 20 pairs of shoes. It felt so great to be a little more organized and realistic about "am I ever going to really wear this?" So, on my list of 18 things for New Years is just about complete. Not too bad for January 2nd.

One BIG particular order

First of all....I've missed everyone! Sorry for the long post. Just trying to catch up! The holidays were so great! We spent Christmas Eve at my sister Robins. The food was incredible. Everyone was able to come plus some! We had a white elephant gift exchange. I got a Sonic gift card. Well, I stole it from Drew. I have already used 1/2 of it. We made the rounds on Christmas morning starting at my moms. Daves kids were so cute. I absolutely love watching kids open presents. So dramatic. Loved it. Then we went to Robins and had a big breakfast with all the family. Even extended. We opened presents there too. Everyone got spoiled. As usual. I'll post what I got later. It was a great day. I gave Aurah her first baby doll. She loved it! She was holding its arm and eating her fingers all day. So cute! It was my moms birthday a few days after Christmas. We all went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch. It was fun to see everyone and enjoy some really good food. And cheesecake. :) I LOVE getting Christmas cards! Thanks for everyone who sent one. I didn't want to take them down. I loved looking at them everyday. Especially pictures! Jen and I made these chocolate dipped rice krispie things. They turned out really cute and were actually really really good. It was fun! New Years was fun! I had 2 friends fly in from LA for basically 24 hours. We shopped during the day - they didn't bring coats. Then, a few of us ate dinner at Lawry's and then hung out at Green Valley Ranch for ahile. I dropped my friends off at the strip. They didn't get home until 5 a.m. I was so glad to be sound asleep in my bed! I still am thinking about NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. I want to be realistic but definitely want to make some good goals. I will post later about that. A BIG HUGE thank you to Carla and Chuckie for the Dunkin Donuts gift card. That was so sweet! I used it last night. Got to get a few donuts in before the diet thing starts! I hope everyone had a great holiday!