Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thanks for the love

After a few "situations" this week that weren't all that great...I could have felt sorry for myself. But, I quickly realized how blessed I am. How many people really care about me. I am so lucky to have such great friends and family! Thank you for making my week better. :) good things
  • an awesome Craigs list find for a pottery barn desk
  • a fun night out with a good friend..with good food...and good red mango
  • also really good conversation :)
  • helping Jodie move...and every time I did...good food was involved. I love you girls!
  • working the Jerry Lewis Telethon. working with my best makeup buddies. laughing and crying. it was an amazing experience.
  • Crafting with Amber. Getting a huge piece of glass in my eye. And having her help me get it out since I couldn't even see to walk in the house. Next time we WILL be wearing safety goggles.
  • And I got to hang out with Amber so much the past few days which has been so fun!
  • Got a new hair color. Dark. I love it!
  • Got reconnected with a super old friend on facebook. Crazy! We talk everyday! Facebook is really wild!
  • having my parents literally drop everything to come help Amber and I for a few hours. I love them more and more each day!
  • After not feeling well....having my friend Susie pick up a prescription for me. It's just those spontaneous gestures that are so appreciated!
  • AND...hitting our 206th sale on Etsy.