Sunday, January 22, 2012

Adios 2011

Before I send this blog off to blurb to be printed as my journal.....
I thought I'd include some last random iphone pictures.
Can't wait to start the new year.
Let's hope I'm better about blogging. :)

Black Friday shopping!

My sweet little Hadley

Brittney and I ready to SHOP


Aurah and Emmy at moms

snow in Kanarraville

Meeting our cousin Mary for the 1st time

Mom, Dad and Mary at Town Square

my new kitchen tile

and new butcherblock countertops

My little Diva Emmy

Lauren Alaina at ACMA's

Thank you Groupon!

About 6 months ago.....Jen and I ran across a Groupon that sounded pretty fun!
So, on the very last day before it expired....that's how we roll - we booked it!
It was called Scoot City Tours.
Driving in little scooters up Charleston, and through the Red Rock loop.
It was a total blast.  Although I must admit, I was a little scared driving next to regular folk on Fort Apache.
One wrong looksie, and a car would demolish this scooter.
It was in November and cold but so amazingly beautiful.
And to top it off....we stopped at a convenience store after to get a Diet Coke.
You should have seen the people looking at us!
Good times.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Taking the Lonnie Hammagren House Tour

My mom, hayley, the kids and I went to tour Dr. Hammagren's house.
You know the one you see driving down Sandhill wondering what all that stuff is??
Well in October, he opened it to the public.
and it was quite interesting.

The house had SO many different things to look at.  There were odd things, cool things, antiques, junk.....a little bit of everything.  It was actually pretty fun to look through it all.  It could be right on the verge of hoarding though.

I did come across a "religious" room where he had all sorts of articles and pictures of religious leaders.
I was so proud to see our prophets up there.  Very cool.

One of my favorite things (and Dane's) was the UNLV ticket booth.
One of the original ones.  Very nastalgic.  They also had an actual basketball hoop from Thomas and Mack when Jerry Tarkanian was coaching.  Total my era.  Loved it.