Friday, April 11, 2008

Savior of the World

I was asked months ago to be apart of the Savior of the World production at the Henderson Pavillion. To be truthful, I wasn't all that excited. Doing makeup for 80+ cast members each night for 5 nights....didn't sound all that appealing. But, it has been such a cool experience. It has definitely been a lot of hard work (theater makeup can always be a bit tricky)! I had a great makeup team working with me and we had a lot of fun! I was able to see the play for the first time last night and I really thought it was amazing. I feel really blessed that I was able to be apart of this great and amazing cast and crew.

I have to give a HUGE thanks to my family and friends who supported me the past couple of weeks by helping me every night from trimming the beards, attaching hairpieces, organizing all the makeup stations, making runs to various stores, loading my car...and just moral support! I would have never been able to do all that I had to without you guys! I'm glad you all were there for me! Sorry if I've been a bit stressed!

I had the opportunity to work with soooo many of the cast members but nightly had to spend some significant time with Joseph and the Savior. Every single person was so talented! Here's a few pictures from backstage.