Sunday, May 31, 2009

random. bits.

Ok. for those of you who know me....i love lists. all forms. all sizes. for any reason. or no reason. i write a list for absolutely everything. or nothing. just to be a list. so as you can bet, when i see this book.....i freak out.inside says: (from the author) listography is designed to help you create your autobiography through list making. I created listography because i am nostaligic. i love the little details of life, from experiences to favorites, and i wanted to create a nice place to capture and share those details. i belived everyone should have an autobiography, if only for their loved ones to read and even in the simplest form: a list. i guess you all know what i'll be doing every night before bed. and on jobs. ok....all the time. *went shopping with jen saturday. was so fun. had way too much to eat. even gelato. checked out the M resort. brilliant. at the end of the feet were killing me. didn't realize how much walking we did.
also got this little suprise. have you ever seen a can SO big? i don't even want to drink it.
saw taylor swift. the best show ever. lost my voice from singing so loud. and so much. i love that girl. hoping my makeup career might lead me her way someday. :)
getting ready to debut some brand new things for just be. can't wait. stay tuned!