Sunday, February 14, 2010


*My dad had a birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Dad! I love you! *Paige celebrated hers today too! I love my little Paige. *Was feeling extra blah today. *Wished the day had went a little differently. *sad I wasn't able to make Jen Sedillo's party. Actually bummed. She would have lifted my spirits! *On a good note, I got to see family and visit with a couple friends for a bit. *had a good chat with an old friend who's out of town. Talked about life. Good things. *got the most amazing new book. I'll share more later about it. Those people who love making lists....NEED this book. *My friend Jackie's dad is very very sick and might not make it through the night. Please keep their family in your prayers. *and last but not new blog design. It's not quite finished, but any feedback?? Hope all you love birds had a great valentines day!