Sunday, May 6, 2007

what a weekend

This has been the craziest weekend a long time. First of all, I want to tell Chelsey that I am thinking about her right now. Her fiance' Kirk was killed in a construction accident on Thursday. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Here's a picture of you two last Saturday at my house. He loved you so much! Don't ever forget that! I am so glad that I got the opportunity to spend time last week with the both of you hangin out and talking about your new apartment and stuff. I know the next little while will be really hard because your wedding date is approaching, but Chelsey....WE LOVE YOU! And we are all here for you. Aunt Susie adores you and we will get through this. Whatever you need. Good luck speaking at the funeral. You will rock. Do it for Kirk. He would want that. I love you Chels.

I saw LUCKY YOU on Friday with my friend Jen! It was a pretty good movie. Alot of poker but it was cool to see my work on the big screen. Thanks for supporting me in that. :)

I also had 3 seperate makeup jobs on Saturday...craziness! They all went well but the last one was an absolute hysterical unbelievably ridiculous party for a 13 yr old. Over a million dollars. It was at the Wynn. Just a few tidbits. The birthday girls name was Sydney and the theme was Sydneywood. (hollywood style)

-they rented 3 ballrooms at the Wynn Hotel

-had a live band plus a DJ

-hired fake paparazzi to take pictures of Sydney walking down a red carpet they had installed

-flew in look alikes of Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton to take pictures with the kids....mind you they were between the ages of 5-13

-they had a recording studio set up that all the kids could sing and each one could take a cd many as they would like

-they hired the same choreographers who dance for Jennifer Lopez and Brittney Spears to teach the teenie boppers to dance

-they had a full open "virgin" bar with pina coladas and margaritas etc.

-they had an 8 course meal catered by a top chef at the Wynn

-they were all given "Sydney money" that they could go to a makeshift "Sydney store" and buy things like IPODS, tvs, cell phones etc.

-they had 3 different professional photographers who were taking pictures all night and then were having made hard bound books for all the kids to have as a memory

-they had videographers there

-we were at a makeup station for the kids to have their makeup done

ok. I can't talk about it anymore because I am getting seriously sick. I understand if you have money - that is awesome. I just think the kids might be a little messed up in life. And what on earth are these parents going to do when she turns 16, or graduates high school, or gets married? Am I wrong? At least I laughed hard all day.

The above picture of one of Jenna and I cracking up at this party. I could go on and on about things here but its probably best not to. And if you are reading this and know these people; I'm sorry. I just have never seen such a thing.