Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How did this game become 7 interesting things?

Well, I was here goes. 1. I am a TOTAL list maker. I'm a FREAK list maker. I love paper, pens, any kind of office supplies and LOVE when I get to check something off my list. 2. I really love kitchen stuff. I have this weird addiction for brightly colored kitchen utensils, dishes, and appliances. You would think I cook all the time. Not the case....but if I did, I 'd SO be prepared. 3. I became an aunt when I was 5 years old. Which by the way is the greatest thing! I have three nieces ages 23, 9 and 7 AND three nephews ages 26, 21 and 5. Oh, and also a great niece who is 7 months and another on the way! 4. I used to sneak and try to peek at my Christmas presents. I just couldn't stand a suprise. One time, when my parents weren't home; I opened a present and it was this pair of black boots I wanted SO bad. So, I wore them out that night and rewrapped them when my parents were asleep. On Christmas morning, I acted so suprised for the boots. Good thing my mom didn't see the bottoms....which were so dirty. 5. I used to hate my red hair when I was younger. I always would daydream about having dark hair and tan skin. Now, I've learned to appreciate how I am and be glad to be one of the 2% population of natural redheads! 6. I'm a daddy's girl. Ask anyone. My dad and I have this really special relationship and were really close friends. Also, most people say they hope they don't turn out like their mothers. In my case, I REALLY hope I do. My mom is an extraordinary person - in every single way. I hope I inherit even 1/2 of her traits. I am SO blessed with great parents! 7. I LOVE my profession! It's so rewarding being able to make money at something you absolutely love to do. Whether it is working with celebrities or everyday's the best feeling to make someone feel good about themselves!