Thursday, June 26, 2008

How to order

Until we get our etsy shop up and running email your order to Tell us: 1. What do you want. Necklace or bracelet? For adult, child, or newborn? 2. What color? Sterling silver necklace Round leather cording Flat suede cording
If this is for a bracelet.....let us know what color beads.
3. What size disc do you want stamped? 3/4" circle or 1" circle or 3/4" washer. (We have mini tags for newborn bracelets or mother's necklaces) 4. What do you want it to say? Be creative & make it your own. 5. Do you want a charm? We have lots of charms....... heart, star, leaves, dove, monkey, locket & key, butterfly, and tons more. Just email us to see if we have what you are looking for & if not, then we can get it! 6. Do you want a jeweled headpin? If so, what color beads? 7. Don't forget to give us your phone # in case we have any questions.