Wednesday, June 18, 2008 favorite island!

So, this is one of those times where you need to be patient cause theres alot of pictures. But, I promise not to ramble on and on about every single thing we did in MAUI. I'll point out some highlights and maybe in future posts I'll throw in a few more pics etc. We had a blast! BIG BEACH
Our guide on a snorkeling excursion caught this ahi.
Jen and I checkin out the hot surfers before dinner
Take a look at this banyon tree? CRAZY beautiful.
Jen and Jack enjoying LULU's barbeque. Aren't they just the cutest?
Susie, Jen, me and Jack
Elevation 10,023
The top of the volcano. Getting ready to ride a bike all the way down.
In the Rain.

Me, Susie and Jen....checkin out the blowhole Enjoying some cool scenery before the madness started.
Isn't this picture crazy? The clouds were actually below me!
End result: Drenched! But, so fun!

Snorkeled in Molokini and Turtle Town. So glad I had a wet suit to stay warm.
Amazing views from our helicopter ride to west maui mountains and molaki.
Water is amazingly blue.
No that is not a fanny pack. It's an inflatable life jacket.

We went to a park to see if we could see anyone catchin some fish! The water was so beautiful.

The view from our hotel. We had our own private beach.
Big Beach again. The most amazing sand and crystal blue water.
Dinner at Cafe Ole. The best seafood ever. Not for my friends Jen and Jack.
No seafood for them....but all the food was great!
Watching surfers before eating at Mamas Fishouse
The helicopter ride. UNBELIEVABLE.

Glad to be home.