Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A little christmas around here....

Makes me so happy.
Also smiling to blog from my bed on my iphone. Oh technology how i love you.

Made snowglobes. They were so fun. This WILL be a new tradition!

Added a new steinback nutcracker to my collection. Its not pictured but i'll post soon.

Picked out hot pink foil wrapping paper and added some turquoise and white yarn for deco. Love.

Got the twins some sock monkeys with their gifts. Loved looking at them so much so i decided to leave them on the outside!

Love my tree at night. I could just stare at all the sparkly lights. Makes me one happy girl.

And my mantel is my fun crazy over the top christmas decorations. Soon, my red trees will be filled with all my christmas cards from loved ones.

{love} holidays.