Monday, June 18, 2012

Weddings in the air....

I have had two friends get married in the past month.
Hadn't done alot of weddings I was excited.
Kari looked beautiful.  She's so super sweet and I wish her and Jared a lifetime of happiness.
And.....I wish I could blog pictures from her reception but that may be a little was SO stinkin cute.  The decorations were amazing - exactly my style and I loved every single thing!



Now, Heather had a traditional Indian wedding.
Her dress was amazingly beautiful.
The traditions of the ceremony were so cool to learn about.
I even participated in the ceremony.  Was NOT expecting that.
I did get henna drawn all over my hand which was beautiful.
Total fun 4 day event!
Lame that this was my only picture from my camera!
I'll have to bust out my iphone pictures soon!
Congratulations to Heather and Raza!