Monday, July 9, 2012

A little PRE 4th trip to K-town

Took a little trip up to Kanarra for a few days.
Mostly to help my mom with the house.
It was a short trip but SO fun!
I love my parents so much and I love Kanarra with all my heart!
We went 4 wheeling, (this all happened just days before the devistating fire)
I love the beauty there.  The silence and the peace.
How everyone is kind and waves no matter if they know you or not.
But pretty much everyone knows everyone. ha!
It was nice to sleep in my "new" room.  Have breakfast, lunch and dinner made for us daily!  We shopped, laughed, and loved every minute of it!

Thanks mom and dad for letting us come visit and taking the best care of me!

I seriously want this yellow truck from Keith.  It's his yard car but how fun would it be to roll in.