Monday, August 13, 2007

SOOOOOOOOO much fun!

I just got home from a week at the beach and I had so much fun! Susie and I stayed at a hotel and just met all the gang everyday! We had some seriously good meals (I probably gained 20 pounds), we boogie boarded, watched Kevin and Riley surf, shopped, got a pedicure, and hung out at Linda and Ed's beach house (which by the way is AMAZING). The weather was so awesome and it was so nice to have no real plans, wear no makeup, and sleep in everyday. What a vacation.

Just for the record, I wore SO much sunblock everyday and didn't get burned until the very last day while I was outside shopping at the Fiesta in San Clemente. I wore a sundress and the burn lines show it. I am paying for it now. Susie also got stung by a bee at the beach on the very last day. That was our hint that it was time to go! We also met up with Jen and Jack at the beach who are staying for a few days this week. Susie's two cousins Dale and Jake drove down from Sacramento and hung out for a couple of days too! It was like a big family and friend PARTY!