Friday, August 17, 2007

Jen's 5 Question Challenge

Thanks for tagging me Jen! This was hard.....and I'm kind of cheating because the 5 people I'm tagging - I'm using your same questions! Is that fair? :) 1. If you could have lunch with one person from High School and catch up on each other's lives....who would it be? I'd pick this guy Bill because he broke up with me to date a "much hotter girl". I since found out that he is fat and bald and she left him for a "much hotter guy". That lunch would be OH SO GOOD! 2. If someone handed you a gift card worth 10,000 dollars, what store would you want it to be for and what would you buy? I would probably ask for a $10,000 Visa gift card and then I could shop at multiple stores! But to be fair, I would probably pick a store like RC Willey because I could get new appliances, electronics, flooring, furniture - I'd get it all! 3. What's a current trend that you just don't get? Body piercing. I just don't get how that's cute. 4. You're having a dinner party and you can invite 3 famous people dead or alive. Who would you invite? Tim McGraw....for the obvious. Ellen DeGeneres - because she likes Tim and I wouldn't have to worry about her stealing him AND I think she is hillarious. Tug McGraw - I think that would guarantee my first guest to stay longer. 5. Where's the best place you've been on vacation....and what made it the best? That's a hard one. I love vacationing and for SO many different reasons. I guess right now I'd pick Maui because I got to do alot of things I can't do here. *4 wheeling in the rain forest *swimming with sea turtles *surfing *a 30 mile bike ride - all downhill with some amazing views of the ocean. I do have to say that I love going anywhere SPONTANEOUSLY with friends. Those are the best getaways! OK - NOW I AM TAGGING THESE 5 PEOPLE WITH THE SAME 5 QUESTIONS! Brittney, Amber, Jessica, Eric, Sarah G.