Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Oh......what a weekend

Well, I had a pretty eventful weekend.....kind of.
The first thing I'll say is THANK YOU to Jen for being there during my little Red Robin incident. You were so good to me....sorry for the scare!
We went to Red Robin to eat dinner. I started feeling so sick. I was dizzy. I couldn't breathe. I don't really even remember anything but trying to make it to the car and starting to pass out. Someone called 911 and 2 guys helped Jen get me to sit on the curb until the ambulance came. It was so freaky. I was on oxygen for awhile but then after refusing to go the hospital (no medical insurance is a bummer) I just wanted to go home. I think it may have been really low blood sugar but I am going to the doctor to get things checked out. I definately don't want THAT happening again.
Does anybody remember Lambchop? That little puppet that used to be on TV? Well, I worked the Jerry Lewis Telethon doing makeup for all the performers. I worked the 11 p.m. until 8 a.m. shift.....ugh! But, I did work with Ace again (thought of you Jen Sedillo) and then a ton of other pretty cool people. I worked with this really cool family "the Duttons". I guess they were on America's Got Talent. But, they play all these instruments and sing. They were so fun to hang out with all night. We had such a blast. That made working all night worth it. Anyways, back to lambchop. Sherry Lewis was the original lambchop lady but now it's her daughter. She was so nice but a little quirky. I guess you have to be that if you work with a puppet for a living. :) I also worked with some really cool bands and comedians. Overall, it was a good gig!

Me and lamby
My makeup buds. Barbara Jo, Mary, and Kelly....the all nighter crew