Saturday, February 2, 2008


1. although I don't miss Coca Coca Light. That's right. They don't have diet coke.
2. I miss that crazy crystal clear blue water just about everywhere you look.
3. I totally miss that we had drinks, food, actually anything accessible at our fingertips 24 hours a day! We stayed at an all inclusive resort. AHHHH.
4. I miss Jen....always up for a drink at the bar. Coca Coca Light that is.
5. I miss my brightly colored beach bags....they just don't look right sitting in the desert.
6. I miss not having to wear makeup everyday
7. I miss xcaret. They called it the "mexican Disneyland". The funnest thing.... swimming in the underground caves. AMAZING!
8. I DON'T MISS very large iguanas walking right up to me on the beach. Not at all.
9. I miss seeing that white sand and blue water. And, that Jen looks good in every picture. Not fair.
10. I don't miss the humidity. One day, it was 92% humidity. I always looked sweaty.
11. I miss that after sleeping in everyday, ordering room service...we then could put on shorts and flip flops and step outside to the beach.
12. I miss reading on the beach. I read an entire Nicholas Sparks book and then I finally did it. I started Twilight. Reading on the beach is the best!
13. I miss learning about the history of Tulum. The city was unbelievable and right on the beach.
14. If anyone is going to Mexico - please see will be blown away!
15. I miss this view at our hotel room.
I had the best time! We stayed in Playa Del Carmen and relaxed, got massages, ate, laid on the beach, shopped, etc....... I'll share more pictures later!