Monday, February 18, 2008

It's about time to get some organization around here....

So, new years resolutions come and go every year....with many things on my list. I decided to take things slow but try to finish EVERYTHING. I'm a little behind but still chuggin along. I must admit my friend Amber is my biggest inspiration. She is an incredible mom with 3 kids, works full time, keeps a house clean and organized and still has time to serve. I'm just trying to clean my freakin house! So, I bought 3 different shoe racks to organize all my shoes. And that is after giving another 23 pairs away. Addiction I know. But I'm happy it all turned out. I LOVE THE WAY I TURNED ALL MY FLIP FLOPS FOR MORE ROOM! SWEET!

Onto the jewelery. Well, necklaces only. Rings, bracelets.....different day. I bought some different hooks and spaced out a bunch into categories. I love my hook behind my door for my long ones. It makes me feel good to feel a little piece of order!