Sunday, February 24, 2008

Brittney's Baby Shower

Brittney's baby shower was so much fun. A whirlwind....but a lot of fun! I can't believe she's due in about 5 weeks and is still in her regular jeans. She kills me. And, isn't she beautiful? Ok. Glowing mother. :)

This would be the stack of clothes and millions of other things she got. I'm excited cause the little baby got 11 pairs of shoes. Takes right after her aunt. I'm really glad we did the "book" idea. We had everyone bring a children's book to help start Brittney's library. She totally scored. She got SO many cute books!
Everyone knows I had to throw a little piece of Aurah in here. She was so good....even with no nap. As long as she had grandpa Tony close....she was all good.
SO many people helped with putting this shower together. From getting Robins house ready, hanging pictures, cleaning, cooking.....a big Thanks to everyone! Arlene did an AMAZING job with the decorations and food - we were all so blessed she pulled it all together. She made these chocolate covered marshmellows that everyone got to take home.
And, would you take a look at these napkins? She made them. Nobody would use them because they were just too cute!

I'm thinking she needs to go into business!