Monday, March 22, 2010

Amber's birthday!

March 6th was Amber's birthday! We have such close birthdays so we always celebrate for a month straight. :) Or at least we try to. I love that when we think of things we want, even 6 months after the fact, we say....Happy Birthday! Ten things I love about Amber
  • She is the best mom.
  • No matter how much she has going on {4 kids, church calling, work, husband} she always has time for me.
  • I never have to ask Amber for help. She just knows when I need it.
  • Her skin. It's just not fair to be that beautiful.
  • She's spontaneous. Always up for fun!
  • She's the most loyal person.
  • Her creativity.
  • Her heart. She loves so much.
  • She is so motivating. On everything. She is wonder woman.
  • I love her jewelry company. It's just the cutest stuff. :)

Happy Birthday Amber! I love you!