Monday, March 22, 2010

lots of snow for lots of fun

Last weekend I was invited to spend a few days with my friend Jen and her family in Utah. They have a cabin in Brianhead and were so sweet to include me with their family! However, things were not that easy getting there! There was so much snow, that the people who were already there were snowed in, and those of us who weren't there yet....couldn't get in! It was kind of comical. But, after being snowmobiled in about a 25 min ride....we were there! But, then came the snowmobile mechanical problems. Spark plugs, brakes, gas....we needed it all! They were stuck miles away from the cabin. But about 4 hours later, with a bunch of exhausted peeps, we all we there! And, it was a total blast! We had great food, alot of laughs, games, snowmobiling, tubing, some skiied, some snowboarded, and relaxation too! It was a much needed trip!
Would you look at the size of this Stop sign? Is that the cutest thing ever?? It's so mini!
Sydney with her Aunt Jenny
Summer, Madison and Kaylee
Tanner and his mom Christina
Sydney and Jen her mom
Jason and his daughter Sydney
Heather's little girl Bridgett
Me, Summer and Sydney
Me and Ty
Heather with her kiddos. Madison, Katelyn and Levi
me and Christina
Jen rollin with the peace sign