Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why I'm smiling

  • My taxes are DONE! Well, ready for the accountant. Whew!
  • Booked ziplining in Puerta Vallarta. Cannot even tell you the excitement I have. I have always wanted to go! And, I get to go with my brother Dave! 24 more days.

  • Am totally addicted to reading this to-do-list book. It's kind of voyeuristic. Why would I want to read other people's lists? I don't know....but you can find out too.

  • Got new coyboy boots and I seriously love. In total honor of my dad. He taught me to love cowboy boots....and to know a "good" pair of cowboy boots. I hope you're proud dad. A know they are a little more "fashionista" than you're good ol Justins....but I'm happy!

  • Started a new book called Little Bee. The back cover has me entrigued. So, I will check back in and give details. Sounds interesting!

  • I am apart of a new book club! So start swapping!
  • I get to celebrate 9 birthdays in March. And, because I love to shop.....this has been a blast!
  • My guitar class has been going so well. This week I can play Love me Tender. I'm hoping Taylor Swift won't be too far away. ha!
  • Purged part of my closet. Got rid of 28 purses. That left me with about 22. And I feel free!
  • We sold our very first lego pendant on Just Be.

now that's why I'm smiling.......