Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Weekend

A long weekend.
With not a whole lot of plans. Which was ok with me.
I did however, have a plan to start
Does Monday night at 8 p.m. count?
I think so.
I also went to my first roller derby game.
Christina plays on a team in Arizona.
So, I had to learn all the rules from her.
Those girls were crazy.
I just kept thinking how sore I would be the next day.
I'm so glad we went!
(but i won't be playing anytime soon)
I also went to the Bellagio with Jen's family that were in town.
We watched the fountains.
Looked at the flowers.
And then got LOCKED in the parking garage for 2 hours.
There was some crazy accident that wasn't allowing anyone to exit the parking garage.
So, after walking Annette's kids all the way down to Harmon (at midnight)
so she could pick them up,
we went back to the car
and waited.
until 1 a.m.