Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy 35.

Stole this idea from my "chosen sister but the real one" jamie 1. make my blog book. for real. 2. declutter my garage 3. visit my family more 4. take more pictures 5. volunteer 6. organize craft closet 7. use my video camera more 8. update my blog more often 9. take a class 10. drink more water; less diet coke. ok just more water. 11. plan a big trip 12. make more jewelry for just be 13. ride my bike more 14. wear my glasses 15. learn a new skill 16. make a new friend 17. cook more 18. make a quilt 19. take a makeup job I normally wouldn't 20. learn something new on my computer 21. buy an iphone 22. hike Kanarra narrows again 23. help mom and dad decorate their new house 24. play tourist in VEGAS 25. learn to love laundry. if that is possible. 26. mail more cards 27. play my guitar 28. don't procrastinate on taxes 29. write in one line a day; everyday 30. complete my Dr. Seuss collection 31. rock a new lipstick 32. discover new music 33. visit grandma in New Mexico 34. be kinder 35. celebrate my life!