Sunday, September 28, 2008

The good and the not so good

My week: *my friend Jen cleaned my entire fridge! Threw away all expired stuff. Took every single thing out. Washed every shelf. Organized absolutely everything. Jen, I love you! =so good *my friend Linda suprised me and had my car detailed. WOW! What a treat. =so good *my friend Susie treated me to dinner at Buca! Chicken Parmesean. =so good *I got in a bit of an altercation at the store. This 400 pound black lady called me a stupid white b****! Yeah that's another whole story. I was kind of scared. =not so good *I had a makeup job that went so smooth. Love those jobs. And, good money. =so good *I bought some things to help me get a little bit organized. AND I started to actually do some. It felt so good to purge out all those things we never really need but for some reason keep. For years. Ah! =so good *Got to see so much family at the 2 Williams baby showers! Both of my cousins are due within 5 weeks of each other and so they decided to have a dual baby shower! It was a blast! Stef is on the left and is due 1st week in Dec with a girl! and Kim is on the right and is due in the last week of Oct. with a boy! We are so excited! =so good *Midnight and I'm dead asleep and my home alarm system starts going off! I was so scared to think that someone was breaking in. So, I picked up my phone to call the company and my phone lines were all dead. So I called my mom and dad from my cell phone and they stayed on the line with me while I walked downstairs to be killed. jk. I really was crying though. I think I was a little in shock from being woken up to that annoying alarm plus not knowing what was going on. story. My alarm is malfunctioning and I have to have someone come out. They don't have an opening until Tuesday. So, going back to bed with pillows over my head because it would go off every3 minutes. =not so good *Woke up tired because of the night I had but still had lots to do. Went to Town Square to fill up on all the makeup I was out of for my kit. They had every single thing I went there for =so good *I bought my first Christmas present! YAY! I even started my Christmas Shopping List for everyone I need to buy for. I'm gonna try to be on it this year! =so good *Had an awesome family dinner at my moms! I have the best parents in the world! All of us were able to come except Brad. Emily, Kallen, Jonathan and Arlene also joined us! We had really good food. Really good desserts. We played WiFit. We laughed and had a fun time. Arlene made a 1st place new record. Brittney made 2 1st place new records. Heather made a 1st place record too! We were having the best time! =so good *Got to see the kiddos. All of them were so sweet! The 2 babies were fun tonight. Full of personality. Aurah got her new mermaid dress up outfit. She was so happy. and Emmy was happy to just chill. =so good *I know there were things this week that weren't so good but overall, I am so blessed to have amazing friends and family who are always lookin out for me! I love you guys!