Monday, September 8, 2008

Where I've been....

No where really. I have been so bad about blogging :( I wish I had so many exciting things to tell but I don't. I did read 2 books in the last week. Well, I'm almost done with The Wednesday Letters. Hopefully tonight. My friend Jen and I went to the JW Marriott spa in Summerlin. It was so much fun! I needed that! So relaxing! Thanks Jen! (this picture is neither of us)
About a year ago, I did makeup for a People magazine shoot featuring Jeff Henderson. Most commonly known as Chef Jeff. Well, he called me last week to come and do another photo shoot. And, in one year.....he's been on Oprah, GMA, soon to be on Ellen, wrote 2 books, has a new TV show on Food Network AND Will Smith bought the rights to his story! It's a very cool story! Make sure to check out his website!
After the photo shoot, he cooked up ribeyes, corn on the cob, asparagus, good! Gotta love those jobs!