Sunday, September 21, 2008

Project ONE complete

An elderly lady friend of mine whom I've been so blessed to have in my life asked me recently for a huge favor! She had been given hand written journals from her father and his twin brother written in 1904. Her mother had saved them for her after she passed away. Debby has treasured these journals for years and years. The sad part is that Debby is legally blind. She has been unable to read these journals which have meant so much to her. I feel honored that she would trust me with these journals. She asked if I would translate the words of these journals and type them with a larger font. Then, with her magnifying glass...she could read herself the words written from her father. This meant so much to her! So, between my mom, dad and Amber...this mission was accomplished. We found two boxes to keep the original journals including the new bound copy safe. We painted the boxes and then lined them with a semi flocked paper - one of Debby's favorite patterns. We copied the picture of the 2 boys who wrote the journals and bound that in the back of the box. We reglued some of the original seams since they are over 100 years old. I hand typed 89 pages of history! I printed them all out, picked out coordinating paper and had the book bound. It now has a safe place in it's own box. Doesn't it feel so good to do something for someone else that has a greater meaning than we will ever know? mission.complete.