Tuesday, March 18, 2014

22 days of chuckie 2013

Nearing the one year anniversary from my friend Chuckie Floyd's death, 
his wife Carla posted this on her instagram.
I was so excited to be able to participate in making a difference in honor of Chuckie.
I made a little tag that said
"practice kindess and pay it forward
in honor of chuckie floyd"
I will never be able to explain the way I felt after those 22 days.
It changed the way I looked at people.
How I treated people.
and am looking forward to this August in his honor again.

The first day I started this project, I happened to see the missionaries riding their bikes on Stephanie.
I asked them to follow me to the store where I bought them some ice cold popsicles.
It was August in Las Vegas.  Over 100 degrees.  They were so happy!

I randomly bought this happiness project journal and gave it to a co-worker who was struggling.

I taped some cash right by the cups at the soda machine at my local convenient store.

I filled up some ice chests with ice cold water with a sign that said FREE WATER
and took them around to busy bus stops.  The people were shocked.

I taped another little baggie full of quarters to the air/water machine at the gas station.
The coolest part was later that afternoon, I was driving by and saw a family there
driving a van and their tire was flat.  The van was filled with kids.  It made me smile.

I bought 2 Starbucks gift cards and gave them to a couple that had just sat down.
I told them to keep one, and pass the other one to a random stranger.  Hopefully,
they would be inspired to join in the 22 days of chuckie.

I decided to buy someone's gas.  But, I wanted it to be a total stranger.
So, I taped some cash right at the pump and said a little prayer that someone
in need would find that cash.

I went on vacation to California during this project, so I had some ideas already in my head
for the trip.  The first toll road we came to, I gave the attendant some money to pay for the person
behind me.  There wasn't anyone behind me yet.....but he said he would pass it on.

First day at the beach, I taped some bags full of quarters for all the expired meters for parking.
I actually witnessed one lady running to her meter, and was stunned to see the money.

Jen Stewart and I went to the candy baron in Laguna and bought a bag full of candy.
We then went on a hunt for someone we thought would be in need.
It was only a block away.  We saw a homeless lady sitting on the ground, bare foot, and weak.
She could barely move.  Jen ran the candy over and said we hope you have a great day!

The next day at the beach, we went to the snack bar and bought some ice cream cones to pass out to kids.
It was SOOOOO fun!  We tried to pick families that had a lot of children, or that maybe were only getting
a couple things.  The people were so thankful.  Who doesn't love a free ice cream cone?

We stopped to get gas on the way home, and I decided to buy some lotto tickets for a total stranger.
I found a man that was trying to put air in his tire.  He looked hot and when I handed him the ticket,
he was confused.  We explained, no!  It's really for you!  I hope he won.  At least something!

I went to dinner at Red Robin one night and this family was sitting across from us.
I decided I wanted to buy the kids dessert.  So, I went to the dad, asked his permission and
he read the card and got choked up.  He was so thankful.  It was really cool.

I got a bag full of ice cold water and went all through my neighborhood looking for landscapers.
They were so thrilled to get that water!  It was fun!

Who doesn't love slurpees? I do.  So, while I went to get my own, I left some money for someone else too.

Paid for someone's dinner at Cheesecake Factory.

Taped some quarters to those little candy machine that every kid wants something from! 
There were some happy moms somewhere!

One of our friends daughter made the volleyball team at her High School.
So, we surprised her and dropped off her favorite Nothing Bundt cake.

We took doughnuts to doctor's offices!

We took 8 dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts to the comprehensive cancer center of nevada.

We found a man riding his bike and it was so freaking hot outside.  
So, we gave him some cold water too!

Saw some kids walking home from the High School and we stopped and gave them
some after school snacks.  We told them what exactly we were doing, and they 
could pass the candy to someone else if they wanted to.  But, I'm pretty sure we saw them
rip into that stuff!!

This one was very close to my heart.  My grandma Opal lived at the Beehive House
until she passed away 3 years ago.  The lady who took care of her was amazing!
We love her and the way she treated our beloved grandma.  So, we bought some
Great Harvest bread in different flavors, and took it over for her to share with her new patients.
I also took some to my friend Jen Stewart's grandma Iris' place.  I just can't find that picture :(

Passed out some cold water to mailmen who were delivering mail.

We then, taped some quarters at a vending machine at Wal Mart.