Monday, March 17, 2014

Hadley turns 3

Hadley Opal turned 3 in June 2013.
I told her I would take her anywhere she wanted.
She chose Build A Bear.
She was so excited.  Talked about it for weeks!
Aurah had her own money so decided to come too.
When we got there, she picked out a bear.
Loved it.  Would not put it down.
So, we went through the entire process.
Stuffed it, placed a heart, made a wish, blah blah blah.
When it time to wash it, she changed her mind.
I tried to explain that we couldn't get another one but she did not care.
She was NOT going home with that bear.
And, since this was my gift to her.....I was devastated too!
So, after trying to reason with her for what seemed like eternity,
I talked to the manager and he let us pick something else out.
She picked the exact same thing as her sister.
Tried to name it the same thing.....still not even sure what the cats name is.
We then met Robin at the food court for some frozen yogurt.
I would say that was a good 3rd birthday!