Monday, March 17, 2014

Fourth of July 2013

Well, every year I say this.
My favorite holiday of the whole year.
Family, friends, hikes, food, porch sitting, screaming kids.....
Pure chaos.
The Howard's come every year.  They are totally family. I LOVE it!
The Cecil's brought their camper up this year.  It was so fun to spend time with their family!
The Leavitt's stayed in my parents new house along with Amber and I.
Dave, Hayley and the kids stayed next door at Grandma Opals along with Robin, Tony & Drake.
We won at the parade.
Emmy and Aurah sang "The United States" in the program!
Best. day.  



Decorating the float

Grandma Cheryl & Brae Brae

Jensen Cecil

Britt and Tanner 

Parker Cecil


Brynlee Cecil

Tate & Grady

the girls in the Barbie cars!

Watchin the parade

Drew and Brae

Jane Cogburn in the program!



Lucy, Emma and Aurah

me and amber

Sara, me and Amber....with Brad photobombing

Crew and Tanner

me and factory!

me and aurah

amber, me and g money

me and heather