Monday, March 24, 2014

it's december happenings 2013

December went by so fast!
I had the opportunity to work Nascar again.
One of my most favorite jobs of the year.
We had lots of family things planned
and the time just 
F   L   E   W
I am NO photographer, but I did get a few snap shots for my parents Christmas card.
Aren't they just adorable?

Had a little get together after working for the movie Step Up 5.
It was Jos's birthday and it was so fun to have a night out with all our friends!
We had dinner at SC Prime and Aaron the GM there comped everything!
And he hooked us up with all kinds of delicious things to eat!
The food was so good!  He even had a special cake made for her
along side strawberries and cool whip.
I love all these people!

Did a lot of visiting of family during December.
We had a few get togethers, plus Christmas!

Brae Brae

Hadley O

Me and Hads

My beautiful sister Robin

Dane and me at the band concerts

Me and Paige at her band concert.
She plays flute in regular band
piano in jazz band.
Crazy talent.

It's always our tradition to go to Balboa Pizza for Christmas Eve dinner.
It's usually just my parents, robin, tony, drake and drews family.
The other kids like Brittney and Dave have things going on with their in laws.
So, we eat a great meal at Balboa....and then walk around the District looking at the huge tree.
Then, my mom and I drive the girls out to see Christmas lights and "try to find santa".
It's such a fun tradition!  I love making these memories.

Christmas morning is always at my moms for breakfast and gift opening.
My favorite are all the stockings! I love this!
This year, I didn't get as many pictures.  So much was going on but it was a success!
Then, we all took naps and met back up at Robins for Christmas dinner.
We had Brittney's homemade lasagna, and rolls, salad, yum!! so delish.

It was super fun because the twins are at a great age to get super excited about presents!
I think everyone was super happy with all the loot they went home with!